Company: Goodway Technologies

Equipment Snapshot: Goodway Technologies is expanding its list of dry steam cleaning accessories with the addition of high-quality replacement hoses. The smooth exterior surface of the hoses help improve sanitation and cleaning results by reducing the ability for dirt and debris to adhere to ridges in the hose. 

The smooth hoses can be used as a replacement hose or to extend the user’s reach while performing cleaning and sanitation duties. Designed to be used with Goodway Technologies Dry Steam Cleaning Solutions to effectively clean and sanitize dry cleaning production areas and equipment in food and beverage processing facilities, manufacturing plants, or other surfaces that are sensitive to water.

The new smooth hoses are available in two different lengths of 33’ or 66’ and are compatible with the GVC-18000 and GVC-36000 Industrial Dry Steam Cleaners. Goodway Technologies Dry Steam Cleaners harness the power of high temperatures to perform a powerful cleaning that removes dirt, grime, oils, allergens, bacteria, and more from various surfaces. These solutions can be used in a variety of industrial applications.

Product features include:

  • High-quality construction
  • Smooth exterior surfaces that aid in cleaning and sanitizing
  • Includes hose and pistol grip
  • Available in 33’ and 66’ lengths

Visit the Goodway website for more information on their innovative dry steam cleaning solutions and accessories or call 1-800-333-7467 to speak with a solutions expert.