During ASB BakingTech 2017, which took place in Chicago from February 26–28, the American Society of Baking (ASB) presented several Innovation Awards to celebrate leadership in bakery equipment, technology, ingredients and more.


Ecodesign & Sustainable Technologies Innovations


Flynn Burner Corp.

InfraRed-Ribbon Combo Burner

The Hybrid Burner is a gas burner capable of running a conventional blue flame, typical of most baking ovens today and Infra-Red flame, either independently or together. The properties of infra-red flames have long be known, low NOx and high efficiency. Until now, Infra-red has been difficult to embrace, predominantly because the entire burner would have to be removed and changed out for a regular burner. This can take a day to two days to perform depending on the configuration of the oven and the number of infra-red burners required. With the Hybrid burner, it can be deployed with ease in any oven or any position directly replacing an existing burner. It can be run as a normal burner with absolutely no difference in performance. However, it can be changed, freely and readily between blue flame and Infra-red in a second. Jointly, this benefits both OEM’s and end users alike. For the OEM, he can now learn to configure an oven for use with Infra-red quickly and easily, proving the configuration before the oven is built saving both time and money. For the end user, he can now take advantage of the huge benefits that Infra-red offers, a reduction in gas consumption, as much as 20% has been documented, a reduction in NOx, a reduction in bake time, an increase in consistency and quality. 



Roto Passat SE

A newly developed heater is the basis for the energy reduction of the new Roto Passat SE and enables energy savings up to 20% compared to its predecessor.

The counterflow heat exchanger is significantly more efficient and improves the heat transfer. The air which flows back out of the baking chamber is heated by the flue gases from the burner chamber and flows back into the baking chamber. The large surface area of the heat exchanger produces a high degree of efficiency.

More features regarding energy efficiency:

  • Utilization and low flue gas temperature
  • Improved outer insulation for low surface temperature
  • Air volume control via electronically adjustable flap enables product-specific use of energy

The rack oven Roto Passat SE is designed for artisanal as well as industrial producers of bread and rolls. The oven can be used for the entire variety of bread products—ranging from rustic bread, buns up to cakes.

The Roto Passat series can be considered well-known and well-established throughout Europe, South America and Africa. In the US market, the new Roto Passat SE is used at a customer in Massachusetts.

When developing the Koenig Roto Passat in the “SE - save energy” version the main emphasis was on energy efficiency. The oven offers potential savings of up to 20 per cent compared to its predecessor due to a newly developed heater.

The modern design, the superior and long-lasting construction and the simple control unit make it a universal oven that is simple to operate and easy to maintain.

  • Baking surface of up to 140 sq ft at only 32.2 sq ft floor space
  • Only 57’’ wide for a reduced floor space requirement over conventional designs
  • Can feature 18-20 or 20-22 trays per rack
  • Almost all baking racks can be used through several different baking rack receptions
  • For baking trays in US and Euro standard  
  • Available with a gas or oil burner and as an electric oven

The Roto Passat is designed for the complete range of products, from rustic bread and rolls through to cake products. It is also very well suited for semi-baked products. An updated air routing achieves perfectly uniform baking results for all products.

Hygienic design:

  • Labyrinth system under the floor rotating table protecting the oven floor against soiling
  • Quick-change re-adjustable door sealing and door-in-door system for easy cleaning of the sight glasses
  • Easily removable ramp, no tools required


Operational Excellence Innovations



Biobake Enzymes & Taste Solution

Our product is a natural sponge and dough flavor and blend of enzymes that delivers a traditional fermented dough flavor that allows cracker manufacturers to reduce or eliminate the fermentation time traditionally needed to achieve the flavor.

By using this natural flavor with our Biobake enzymes, our customers can improve production time by foregoing all fermentation time.  This leads to savings in terms of reduced scrap dough and efficiency in terms of processing and startup time.

What makes this application unique is we are using a taste solution for operational efficiency. The combination of our natural sponge & dough flavor with our Biobake enzymes delivers a taste and functional solution for crackers that will add significant value for manufacturers and revolutionize manufacturers’ approach to cracker production.



Hygienic Design Series “H”

Koenig’s hygienic design enables both high performance at high dough processing quality as well as high standards to hygiene in the production of baked goods. The series is designed for artisanal as well as industrial producers of bread and rolls with a high demand on easy cleaning and maintenance. The hygienic design series “H” is characterized by the following features:

  • Frame constructions have been redesigned to minimize surface contaminations
  • All mechanical drive components are fully enclosed and separated from the dough area
  • Entire line in open design for convenient accessibility
  • Belts easily exchangeable and removable
  • Safety fence (to be opened from user side)
  • Modules can be combined in different variations
  • Wet cleaning possible (low water pressure)
  • Industrial Roll Line KGV-H
  • Hourly capacity for stamped products: up to 45,000 pieces and unlimited product variety (stamped or long-rolled products) e.g. Hamburger or Hot Dog
  • Newly designed frame constructions ensure minimal surface contamination
  • Sealed bearings enable cleaning with splash water
  • Dough divider/rounder Industrie Rex AW-H

Twin Twist Mixer DW 240-H:

  • Wash-down mixer—entirely washable
  • Machine frame and machine head in completely sealed and welded design
  • Especially suitable for wheat and pastry doughs. Excellent results are also obtained for rye and rye wheat doughs as of dough hydrations to 80%
  • Dough Sheeting Line MENES-H
  • The new Menes-H can now be entirely cleaned with splash water
  • Dough throughput of up to 1,100lb per hour
  • For a high product variety, ranging from flatbreads, angular rolls, Ciabatta, Baguette, pastry, various breads, etc.
  • Ror dough sheet thicknesses of 0.04 up to 2.8”




The new ORBIS Pally, part pallet and part dolly, is designed to transport bakery tray systems or bulk bakery product. It allows bakeries to easily move goods from the plant to the truck to the retail aisle without unnecessary and costly product touches. When mobile, the Pally converts to static mode with a press of the pedal. When static, the rubber braking stabilizers ensure the Pally withstands lateral force, allowing it to be safely stored, displayed or transported like a traditional pallet.

In a processing plant, the Pally can be loaded onto the trailer and put in static mode for safe and efficient transport. Once at the retailer, with a push of the lever, the Pally converts to a mobile pallet and can be wheeled off the truck into the retail aisle.  It reduces unload time to ultimately decrease labor costs at retail.

Technically, its patented cam mechanism is designed for many activations. The Pally comes with fully field-repairable components, such as wheel covers, pop-up locators and casters, extending product life to further reduce trip costs. The corner grips and pop-up locators keep loads in place and improve trailer and storage organization and density. The optional locking handle allows the Pally to be pushed or pulled, and the contoured deck handles and lightweight structure enable ergonomic handling. Additionally, the Pally can be fabricated with shelving units to hold other related products to cross-sell at retail.


The ASB Innovation Awards program celebrates industry leaders and companies in the grain-based foods industry for their innovative development and implementation of leading edge products, equipment design and advancements in ingredient technology.

For more information on the American Society of Baking, visit www.asbe.org.