Company: Kerry

Ingredient Snapshot: Food processors and foodservice providers can now remove all unrecognizable ingredients from their cheese products or menu items thanks to Kerry Clean Label Cheese Solution.

Kerry Clean Label Cheese Solution mirrors the melt, taste and appearance of traditional processed cheese, but only includes familiar ingredients: cheddar cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes), skim milk, food starch, salt, cultured whey and cultured skim milk. With this solution, processed cheeses no longer need to include the unfamiliar ingredients of sodium phosphates, citrates, sorbic acid, emulsifiers, preservatives and hydrocolloids.

“On social media, consumers have spoken loud and clear about what they expect from their food choices, and a popular demand is recognizable ingredients. Now, it’s about making those desires possible while still creating foods that they crave,” said Papao Saisnith, strategic marketing director with Kerry North America. “Kerry Clean Label Cheese Solution allows processors and food service providers to create the taste experiences — appearance, aroma and taste — their customers want without complicating operations.”