Kerry, the Taste and Nutrition Company, has surveyed 2,100 US ingredient and nutrition conscious consumers to study their expectations and opinions of food at-home as well as away-from-home. The survey employed a mix of quantitative and qualitative research techniques to explore consumers’ understanding of Clean Label, Nutrition, Health, Sustainability, and how specific claims, ingredients, and packaging influence their purchase decisions.

The full white paper is available for download HERE.

The white paper is the second iteration of Kerry’s Clean Label study, with emphasis on the evolution of consumer expectations in food and beverages. Kerry’s research focused on how consumer opinions and the industry influence and shape each other, to uncover the future of food and beverages. The first generation of this research, 2017’s Beyond the Label, studied over 700 US consumers who read the product label, nutritional panel, and ingredient declaration.

“The findings from this research study is case-in-point of how consumers are constantly evolving in their needs and expectations from food and beverages,” said Soumya Nair, director of marketing insights at Kerry. “Clean Label, once a differentiator and trend, is now a table-stake and an expectation from consumers. While the gravity of Clean Label and its subsequent attributes differ by the food or beverage in focus, its importance among consumers has only been compounding over the years. Today, consumers look at the industry to provide food and beverage solutions that not only consider clean ingredients, but also deliver on inherent nutrition, added functionality, and a sustainable footprint without lowering the overall taste experience. The more we understand consumers’ desires today and in the future, the better we can partner with our customers to embed this knowledge and help them align with their consumers’ expectations.”

The findings from the current phase of the research reveals the evolution of Clean Label and a unique and actionable definition of what consumers expect and desire from food and beverages in the future. Kerry measured consumer perception and preference of more than 35 product claims, 77 menu item claims, and 164 ingredients across key consumer generations.