Butter Buds Food Ingredients has announced that John Buhler has been named the company’s president. This change comes as Bill Buhler steps down from the role in the company and moves toward retirement, though he will continue to be involved in special projects within the family-owned company.

“We are very proud of the growth Butter Buds has experienced under Bill’s leadership,” said John Buhler, president of Butter Buds. “We have tripled in size—expanding our workforce, applications capabilities, quality assurance and regulatory expertise to best meet the needs of our expanding customer partnerships—so that today Butter Buds is a global leader in concentrated dairy and flavor ingredients. Now as I take the reins of this fantastic company, I can’t help but look back at the work our father began forty years ago.  We have always been a family-owned company that values our greatest assets—our people, pushing for growth in new applications and innovative product development, and I can assure everyone that will not change.”

Bill Buhler, now Butter Buds’ president emeritus said, “I am happy to embrace retirement and rest easy knowing that our family legacy is in great hands with John as President and my brother Tom continuing as Director of Business Development. I guess you could say John has been training for the President role his entire career, graduating with a law degree from University of Wisconsin, and having previously headed up our international and domestic sales as we developed our global network of sales and distribution, leading marketing efforts and much more. Our partners, whether they be our valued customers, employees or industry associates, will see solid leadership and a new phase of progressive product development and innovation under John’s guidance.”

“Butter Buds is a very dynamic and socially responsible organization,” said Tom Buhler, director of business development. “Our father was an inspiring leader who taught us that the glue that keeps an organization strong is a team of talented employees in a collaborative workplace and surrounding community. The uniqueness and respect for each individual and what they bring to our company each and every day is what allows us to continue to grow and expand our capabilities so that we are always ready to serve our customers’ needs. As we prepare for the next generation of our family legacy, our customers can rely on us for the next generation of ingredients and technology.

Butter Buds Food Ingredients manufactures a wide array of concentrated dairy flavors made from fresh butter, cream and cheese. Butter Buds also offers a line of innovative flavor concentrates that provide unique flavor characteristics – Butter Buds-Bacon, Olive Oil Buds, CocoaButter Buds and Dried Beer Extract. To address today’s clean label trend, Butter Buds provides a variety of clean label options including Certified Organic and non-dairy dairy flavors.