Company: Liberty Trade Inc.

Introduced: May 2019

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $2.49

Product Snapshot: Liberty Trade Inc. recently announced the launch of its newest line of vegan snacks: Crunch Instinct. Sourcing ingredients from ecologically rich and clean lands with a low environmental impact, Crunch Instinct works to promote soil health, minimize overall water use and lower total pollution levels on its vegetable farms. Crunch Instinct strives to meet society's present snack-food needs without adding to climate change or compromising sustainable agricultural for future generations.   

Crunch Instinct chips contain no artificial fragrances, preservatives or taste intensifiers. And all four varieties are made from organic vegetables grown in the South Caucasus specifically for Crunch Instinct. This area is distinctly noted for having no ecological deficit, according to the Global Footprint Network.

Nutritionally dense and thus great choices for healthy eating, superfoods contain large sources of fiber, nutrients, good fats, antioxidants. Additionally, the phytochemicals found in brightly colored vegetables (like beets) have numerous additional benefits. And beets are one of the few vegetable sources of betalains—a powerful, cancer-fighting antioxidant.

Using nothing but high-quality vegetables and fruits grown in private fields, Crunch Instinct is one of the purest and cleanest vegan snacks on the market. Available in four different gluten and palm-oil free varieties—carrots, beets, turnips, and pumpkin.

"Unique packaging, clean, all-natural ingredients and an ecological certificate for people who care about the environment. We shall see how it performs on our shelves!" said Jim Linowski from Twin Grocers. 

Crunch Instinct is the latest in a line of health food products planned for the US market from Liberty Trade. Other future foods currently in production include supplements, vegan mayonnaise, organic sunflower oil and biological teas.