Næra Snacks debuted its new fish snacks, including the first Fish Jerky Crunch and Ready to Eat Dried Crunchy Capelin (with roe) snacks, at the Winter Fancy Food Show this month. 

The snacks are made in Iceland with wild caught, sustainably harvested Icelandic fish and 100% renewable energy. The brand will launch several flavors, including Cheesy Chili and Buttery Herb, for its Fish Jerky Crunch products.

"We are bringing seafood snacking to the next level, offering fun new textures, flavors, and a premium snacking experience," says the company.

The Næra fish snacks are hybrid fish snacks, including authentic all-natural superdairy from Iceland, and are packed with Protein, Omega-3s, Calcium, and B12. They are also low-carb and free from gluten, wheat, soy, and preservatives. Næra ("Nye-rah") means to nourish in Icelandic.