When you work in a family-owned business, everything feels more personal. Van’s Kitchen began as a small company with homemade, handcrafted egg roll recipes. The brand has grown, and so have its aspirations of becoming a house-hold name grounded in purpose. With this goal in mind, Van’s Kitchen’s motto is now: Made to Love. 

The first mark of the refreshed branding will be the newly redesigned website. The design keeps the elements of the Van family origin while adding pops of color that tie in the advancement of the brand. 

The new focus also features a shift in messaging. Van’s Kitchen’s purpose will now better reflect its heritage and values. “At Van’s Kitchen, we show up every day with the purpose of empowering underdogs, outsiders and the ‘least of these’ to rise up, conquer challenges and fulfill their dreams.”

In order to back this up, Van’s Kitchen is introducing a new philanthropic initiative, Van’s Cares in 2020. This is an internal fund in which Van’s Kitchen matches every dollar contribution its employees donate. This fund can be accessed by any Van’s employee who needs it, all they need to do is send a request to the Van’s team. Van’s foresees it being utilized for things such as emergency medical issues, bills, and more. Those outside the Van’s Kitchen family are welcome to donate to Van’s Cares as well.  

The brand is also expanding its selling capabilities. They will be launching its new website on Monday, January 20 and online store shortly after. The online store will allow customers to mix and match any six egg roll flavors so anyone can buy the products anywhere, anytime.