Company: Gericke

Equipment Snapshot: Process equipment manufacturer Gericke USA, Somerset, NJ (, has introduced the DIW-PE-GZD hygienic, hybrid loss-in-weight tare compensation feeder. Developed for precise, reproducible powder feeding in sanitary production environments, the new DIW-PE-GZD hygienic feeder features a proprietary design with aseptic drives, flexible sleeves, a filtration unit, and twin screws polished up to an Ra <= 0.8 μm to ensure smooth, consistent feeding without risk of deposits or trapping ingredients. When ready for cleaning, the entire feeding system may be easily disassembled, cleaned, inspected and returned to service in minutes.

Ideal for manufacturing foods, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and other products where superior hygiene is required, the DIW-PE-GZD gravimetric feeder integrates easily with mixers, extruders, pneumatic conveyors, and other process equipment whether in batch, continuous, or in combination processes. The tare compensation feeder automatically manages flow variations upstream and downstream and negates any vibrations ahead of the load cell while counterbalancing the tare weight of the hopper, feeder, motor and other components. By isolating the bulk material weight, the DIW-PE-GZD feeder ensures weight measurements are consistently accurate.

The new, hygienic feeder extends the company's line of tare compensation feeders to seven to suit nearly any process. The feeder may be tested in the company's New Jersey test laboratory.

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