Company: Gericke

Equipment Snapshot: Process equipment manufacturer Gericke USA, Somerset, NJ (, has introduced the DIW-E-STAR hybrid loss-in-weight tare compensation feeder. Developed to offer highly precise dosing of foods, chemicals, minerals, aggregates and other challenging materials, the DIW-E-STAR feeder features a proprietary design that automatically counterbalances the tare weight of the hopper, feeder, motor and other components to isolate the weight of the bulk material in the hopper. Negating vibrations ahead of the load cell, the gravimetric system ensures weight measurements are consistently accurate and feeding meets a uniform rate while capitalizing on the load cell's full capabilities.

Set in a rugged, steel frame with a modular design, the DIW-E-STAR tare compensation feeder resists any shocks or oscillations, shields the measuring cell and accommodates multiple hopper sizes for managing multiple materials at varying throughputs from 10 kg/hr. up to 2,000 kg/hr. depending on bulk density. The versatile bulk feeding system is available in hopper sizes ranging from 50 liters to 200 liters net volume with vertical agitators included as standard to ensure proper mass flow.

The DIW-E-STAR feeder extends the company's line of tare compensation feeders to six models suitable for weigh feeding powders, pellets, flakes and a variety of other bulk materials ranging from 0.1 kg/hr. up to 45.000 kg/hr., depending on bulk density. The hybrid design comes with a choice of screw feeder or vibrating conveyor and may be setup for both batch and continuous processing.

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