Company: Apex Motion Control, Unifiller


Equipment Snapshot: Are you tired of feeling the strain from decorating cakes every single day?

Apex Motion Control and Unifiller have collaborated to develop the Deco-Bot: the world’s first robotic decoration station that is capable of decorating cakes and cupcakes instantly. With the Deco-Bot, users can write, draw, drizzle, and decorate cakes with roses. They can also finish cupcakes with swirls, rosettes, and roses.

This is the world’s first automated rose decorator, featuring two color decorating heads/nozzles, and it also features quick tooling and nozzle changeover. With its built-in configuration flexibility, the same unit can do many designs. Not only that, but it can decorate other products too, such as pies or cookies. If you’re looking for a new way to automate production at your bakery, no matter the product, the possibilities are endless with the Deco-Bot.

Want to get a closer look at what the Deco-Bot can do? Check out this short video to see it in action: