One of the nation’s most stalwart plant-based snack bar producers is not only weathering the COVID-19 crisis, its dynamic employees are forging ahead with a new co-packing division and an innovative new facility.

Over the past 10 years, the 25-year-old clean food pioneer, BumbleBar, Inc., has grown into a reputable contract bar manufacturer and packager—also known as a “co-packer.” BumbleBar has expanded beyond their consumer brand and so created a new dedicated business-to-business brand, Clean Copack.

“The demand for our clean label expertise and manufacturing acumen continues to balloon,” said Liz Ward, BumbleBar and Clean Copack founder. “But we have been able to grow at a manageable pace without compromising our mission of making healthier portable vegetarianfood supporting a better future for people and the planet.”

To meet the surging demand for their services, Clean Copack invested over $1.5 million in its new operations. The company is headquartered in the Spokane Business and Industrial Park, which they outfitted with a host of industry-best food processing equipment. Their facility includes a USA-made slab line, an Italian mixing system, Japanese quality control equipment and German packaging technology. These improvements not only facilitate the highest quality products for customers, but also ensure a safe and comfortable setting for employees.

Moreover, the company has the capabilities to make extruded, baked and slabbed bars and cookies alongside granola and trail mixes. So far this versatility has paid off, with total revenue nearly doubling over the past year.

But what sets Clean Copack apart from other co-packers isn’t the size, sparkle, or efficiency of the new facility, Ward said. Instead, it’s “the remarkable, seasoned team that steadily provides customers with the integrity and involvement to aid in their success.”