Company: Grupo Bimbo

Introduced: May 2021

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $1.69-$3.29

Product Snapshot: Takis, the spicy rolled tortilla chip brand known for its flavors, has announced that the brand is expanding its bold lineup into five new snack categories and is unveiling a new look. Leading with its signature Fuego variety, Takis is looking to disrupt the salty snack category.

Since arriving in the United States in 2001, Takis has continued to hold its place as the top growing tortilla chip snack brand in the country, experiencing explosive 25 percent growth year-to-date. Word-of-mouth buzz and fierce brand loyalty has pushed the brand's sales to outpace the salty snack category, up 10 percent year-to-date, and the tortilla chips subcategory, up 12 percent year-to-date. By expanding the Takis brand to new snack categories and subcategories, the brand looks to capitalize on Takis signature intensity by offering new products that fit a variety snacking occasions, while continuing to provide consumers with the bold, crunchy, and intense flavors they are craving.

The five new brand extensions include:

  • Takis Waves: The brand is bringing a tsunami of flavor as it enters the $8.4 billion potato chip subcategory with its first line of ridged potato chips. With potato chips representing 30 percent of the salty snacks category, Takis Waves are ready to crash to shore and disrupt the mark.
  • Takis Watz: The cheese snacks category has some intense new competition with the launch of Takis Watz, with the perfect combination of crunchiness and electric flavor.
  • Takis POP!: The bold flavor of Takis joins the ready-to-eat popcorn category, to create an explosive new snack that is hard to resist.
  • Takis Stix: Fans of corn snack sticks will enjoy the full flavor and intensity of Takis in this perfect, on-the-go snacking option.
  • Takis Hot Nuts: Launched in fall 2020, Takis Hot Nuts continue to be popular with consumers, with sales up 15.2 percent year to date. Featuring a unique double crunch technology, Takis Hot Nuts offers spicy intensity with each peanut-filled bite.

Bold new flavors call for a bold new look. Fans of Takis will face the intensity in a whole new way with a new packaging design that features a bigger emphasis on the Takis logo and the brand's signature intense purple color taking center stage across all products. Each bag also has a distinct color blocking window  featuring a flavor tornado effect that showcases the unique ingredients that come together to create that flavor. The packaging also highlights the return of Takis Heat-O-Meter—an icon that help consumers understand how intense the product is.

"Takis is known for big, bold flavors, so we are thrilled to bring the intensity of our iconic rolled tortilla chip to entirely new snacking categories," said Sandra Peregrina, marketing director of Salty Snacks for Barcel USA. "We know our consumers are looking for satisfying snacks that level up the moment, and Takis is the perfect snack to do that. Takis Waves, Takis Watz, Takis POP!, Takis Stix and Takis Hot Nuts will provide a full flavor experience not yet offered in these snacking categories, so we're excited to bring the intensity to consumers."

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