Company: Mission MightyMe


Introduced: January 2022

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $4.49–$4.99

Product Snapshot: Mission MightyMe, the company on a mission to end the food allergy epidemic, has introduced the first-ever Proactive Nut Butter Puffs. The game-changing product from the brand disrupting the baby food industry is the only baby-friendly puff to contain peanuts and multiple tree nuts, making it simple for parents to include a wide variety of nuts in little diets early and often.

The heart-shaped Proactive Nut Butter Puffs have been intentionally crafted and perfected to include equal parts protein from peanuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts and walnuts. Like the brand’s existing Proactive Peanut Puffs, Proactive Nut Butter Puffs are tasty, quick-dissolve and convenient. Mission MightyMe puffs are versatile for any feeding stage after a baby starts solids; they can be eaten on-the-go and stored in the resealable pouch, softened with water and spoon fed, or crumbled and mixed into any puree.

Proactive Nut Butter Puffs are a science-backed snack developed with Mission MightyMe co- founder and global food allergy prevention expert Dr. Gideon Lack, whose groundbreaking research (the LEAP and EAT Studies) changed feeding guidelines around the world to recommend early introduction of peanut and other common food allergens in infancy.

"The research is clear,” said Dr. Lack. “It is possible to prevent peanut allergies in the majority of children, and potentially other food allergies as well. Yet, many families still aren’t able to easily follow the new recommendations. We created Mission MightyMe to make early allergen introduction simple for families—a big step forward towards ending the food allergy epidemic."

JJ and Catherine Jaxon, co-founders and parents of three, launched Mission MightyMe in 2017 as a solution to a big problem. One in 13 children, or approximately two per classroom—including the Jaxons’ oldest daughter (who is severely allergic to most nuts)—currently experiences a food allergy. Around the time their third child was born in 2015, Dr. Lack’s LEAP Study results were published. Findings showed that introducing peanut foods early and consistently including peanut in childrens’ diets (starting between 4-11 months and until age 5) reduced the rate of allergies by up to 86 percent for high-risk infants.

With new hope that they could prevent food allergies in their new baby, the Jaxons searched the marketplace for a safe and convenient product but quickly realized that following the latest guidelines was much easier said than done (nuts and nut butters are choking hazards, and the baby aisle is almost entirely allergen-free). So, the Jaxons teamed up with Dr. Lack and FARE co-founder Todd Slotkin to change that. Mission MightyMe launched its first product, Proactive Peanut Puffs, in early 2020, and the team has been working hard to make Proactive Nut Butter Puffs a reality for years.

“The three-year research and development process for our Proactive Nut Butter Puffs was a true labor of love,” said Catherine. “Getting peanuts and especially tree nuts into a baby’s diet  is a huge challenge. This is the exact product we were looking for with our youngest child. With this functional and fun snack, we believe we’ve created a revolutionary option for caregivers who can, for the first time ever, include multiple nuts in a baby’s diet, in a stress-free and non- medicalized way without the hassle of preparing special foods.”

Research has shown that eating peanut foods regularly and consistently is just as important as early introduction when it comes to potential allergy prevention, so the Proactive Nut Butter Puffs formulation was developed to age up with children, in accordance with Dr. Lack’s research. Mission MightyMe puffs are a nutritious, clean-label pantry staple for the whole family, and specifically created to grow with babies as they become big kids.

“We’re thrilled to expand our product offering with Proactive Nut Butter Puffs,” said JJ. “We want it to be easy and stress-free for parents to include nuts and other common food allergens in their children’s diets, and most parents of babies and toddlers are already purchasing puffs. Our Proactive Nut Butter Puffs offer a simple and easy upgrade away from traditional puffs that have little nutritional value to a delicious puff with protein and purpose. Puffs are a pantry staple for so many moms and dads. We’re excited to provide a choice that makes their babies’ puffs a truly functional food.”

In tandem with the launch of Proactive Nut Butter Puffs, Mission MightyMe has created an educational, easy-to-understand early food allergen introduction guide to help support parents as they navigate this journey with their little ones. The guide will be available as a free download at later this month.

Proactive Nut Butter Puffs are sold in a box of four or five stand-up resealable pouches; $4.99 per pouch or $4.49 per pouch with subscription. Customers can purchase Mission MightyMe products on and Amazon, and the product will be available for purchase beginning January 19, 2022.