Savor by Suzie, maker of grain-free, gluten-free, and allergen-friendly pretzel snacks, is proud to celebrate Autism Awareness Month with a truly unique campaign. In support of neurodivergence in the workplace, the brand is donating a grant of $4,444 to an autistic entrepreneur along with a mentorship program with a panel of either autistic entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who are associated with autism. The grant’s monetary value, $4,444, is what is known as an “angel number” and symbolizes the opportunity to overcome challenges, take on new opportunities, and embodies the Savor by Suzie team ideology. 

The Savor by Suzie pretzel journey began with a passion to create a tasty, salty, allergen-free snack after Suzie’s daughter, Kelly, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and numerous food intolerances. Later on, Kelly found herself seeking an employment opportunity where Kelly could contribute and belong, but to no avail. Now, Savor by Suzie has found impactful ways to welcome people with differing abilities into the brand team. Making changes in how they recruit, select, and help their employees develop their careers with the brand hasn’t just given neurodiverse adults new opportunities, it has also changed and enlightened the team to see what a world this truly could be if everyone could work together in his or her own zones of genius. 

“Our passion for a snack that intentionally leaves things out quickly turned into a mission to create a workplace that brings everyone in,” shares Co-founder Suzie Carpenter. “By shifting out of the comparison and competition paradigms so common in our culture, and embracing collaboration whole heartedly, we’ve seen how autism is an opportunity to learn how we can help each other. Now, we’re so grateful to have the opportunity to give back and support neurodiversity in the workplace with our $4,444 grant.”

Determined to find a way back to our favorite treats—only without any gluten, grains, GMOs, sugar, soy, dairy, nuts, or animal products—Savor by Suzie pretzels were born to bring that goodness from its family to yours.