Van’s Kitchen, an egg roll manufacturing brand headquartered in Dallas, announced CEO Theresa Motter has decided to step down as CEO. The company appoints Theresa’s brother, Apollo Nguyen, as interim CEO, effective immediately. 

"Theresa took over the family business as CEO nearly a decade ago. Without her leadership, Van’s Kitchen would not be one of the country’s most successful egg roll manufacturers," said Apollo Nguyen, interim CEO of Van’s Kitchen. "Theresa successfully navigated the company through the pandemic while increasing sales and maintaining employee retention. We are grateful for the exceptional leadership Theresa brought to Van’s Kitchen.”

“Van’s Kitchen began and will continue to be a family-owned and operated business. My brother Apollo will now steer the company and work with the board to hire the next CEO to lead Van’s Kitchen into the future,” said Motter. “Our company’s success demonstrates what hard-working families and dedicated employees can accomplish together. I am incredibly proud of our legacy.” 

Interim CEO, Apollo Nguyen, helped grow the company for over two decades, and now returns to help lead the company through this transition. The board of directors will engage an executive search firm to hire a long-term CEO.