U.S.-based MycoTechnology and IFF have entered a partnership to co-develop alternative proteins and next-generation food and beverage products for the European market. 

The new agreement will allow MycoTechnology to capitalize on IFF’s RE-IMAGINE PROTEIN innovation program and use its state-of-the-art capabilities in Brabrand, Denmark, including its Culinary Design Center, which provides specialized expertise in novel plant-based foods.

The two companies have already partnered in the U.S. and the new collaboration in Europe reflects their shared commitment to partnership and innovation in the service of a better food system.

MycoTechnology harnesses the power of mycelia through a proprietary liquid fermentation platform, which it uses to develop novel ingredients. Since its founding in 2013, it has worked with food and beverage companies to create sustainable and nutritiousproducts. 

IFF is a business in food, beverage, health, biosciences, and scent. Its Nourish division delivers next-generation protein sources and future technologies in plant-based cuisines around the world, driven by insights and market-led innovation. By anticipating and addressing consumer needs, the company enables the industry to create better, tastier, safer, healthier, and more sustainable food and beverages. 

By combining MycoTechnology’s novel mycelial fermentation platform with IFF’s technical expertise and capabilities, the companies plan to develop new, innovative solutions for food and beverage products throughout Europe.

Alan Hahn, MycoTechnology’s CEO, said: “This is an exciting new level of collaboration. IFF understands the importance of innovation and using it to build a better, more sustainable food system. We’re delighted to embark on a new journey together to create the cutting-edge solutions consumers demand for taste, nutrition, and sustainability.”

“We look forward to collaborating with MycoTechnology on exciting new opportunities in the alternative protein space and beyond,” said Marcus Pesch, vice president, RE-IMAGINE and RE-MASTER Innovation Programs, IFF. “Coupling MycoTechnology’s fermented protein expertise with our RE-IMAGINE PROTEIN innovation program will expand the already extensive set of solutions we have to offer. As consumer demand for alternative proteins evolves, we look forward to creating tastier, better, and more sustainable solutions for our customers.”

The two companies continue to consider new opportunities to expand their partnership. They are currently working together on a project in the Asia-Pacific region, where they foresee greater collaboration in the future. 

MycoTechnology will exhibit at Fi Europe in Paris, Dec. 6–8. It will showcase ClearIQ flavor, a natural bitter blocker and flavor modifier derived from mushroom fermentation, and FermentIQ protein, a line of mushroom-fermented plant proteins.