Awsum Snacks has created SuperFood Baby Puffs to take traditional baby and childrens' snacks to the next level. The snacks are certified organic, Kosher, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and have no added sugars or sweeteners—extra special for those with food allergies and food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES). 

The new Baby Puffs are all-natural and low in sugar and high in protein. They only use 100% Royal White quinoa, which is naturally full of minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin A, iron, magnesium, and zinc with nine essential amino acids. All these are important for a child’s development and can provide an energy boost during a long day. 

With only three natural ingredients, the snacks are available in four flavors: Carrot & Raspberry, Strawberry & Beet, Blueberry & Banana, and Beet & Spinach. The snacks also include essential nutrients that support metabolic health, immunity, and provide a powerful boost of antioxidants.

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