Wisoman Foods Inc. has announced the launch of its newest product, Oladito Organic Tortillas. 

Crafted with care and a commitment to quality, Wisoman's Oladito Organic Tortillas are made from organic ingredients, ensuring a wholesome experience with every bite. The tortillas are free from artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors, and retail for $4.99.

Oladito Organic Tortillas are available in three varieties: Organic Traditional Flour, Organic Whole Wheat, and Organic Jalapeño. The tortillas are now available in Sprouts Farmers Markets nationwide, bringing a healthier option to consumers seeking premium organic choices.

Wisoman Foods Inc., a woman-owned and minority-owned cerified business, produces tortillas and ethnic flatbreads. The state-of-the-art tortilla manufacturing plant boasts full automation from mixing all the way through packaging. This automation ensures the best in food safety, consistency, and quality. Endorsed by SQF, USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project, and OU Kosher certifications, Wisoman Foods Inc., is dedicated to ensuring high-quality food and exceptional product standards.