Frito-Lay, Plano, Texas, unveils Doritos Dinamita tortilla chips, which are rolled into mini-taquito shapes, with a spicier flavor profile. According to the company, the new-fangled chips were developed to cater to consumers who like a spicier chip and Latin American-inspired foods. Sales should heat up for Frito-Lay North America, Plano, Texas, launches Doritos Dinamita spicy rolled flavored tortilla chips rolled into a taquito shape. “We wanted to transform the bold taste of Doritos tortilla chips into a snack that captures the exciting essence of Hispanic snack foods through the shape and flavors you would find in Latin American cuisine,” says Ram Krishnan vice-president of marketing for Frito-Lay. “The Doritos Dinamita product line truly accomplishes that, offering consumers everything they love about traditional Doritos tortilla chips but with a spicy new twist.”

The new product line is available in a 4-oz bag for $1.49 or a 9.25-oz bag for $2.99. It was initially introduced in February in select markets in the Midwest, Texas and the Western U.S.

The company says this new chip is everything fans love about Doritos tortilla chips, but adds a touch of spice to their snacking. Doritos Dinamita tortilla chips pack a zestier punch in flavors like Chile Limon and Nacho Picoso, all in a unique shape reminiscent of a popular Hispanic menu item.

While preferences for flavors are as diverse as the American consumer, spicy and tangy flavors are increasingly favored, prompting Frito-Lay to consider ways to customize some of its most popular chips into snacks catering specifically to fans of spicier, Latin American-inspired foods. This is the latest snack innovation that follows previous spicier additions to Frito-Lay’s snack portfolio, which already includes Tapatio hot sauce-flavored Doritos tortilla chips, Fritos corn chips and Ruffles potato chips, as well as Limon and Chile Limon-flavored Lay’s potato chips.

Source: www.prnewswire