SternFlowSternchemie GmbH & Co. KG

SternFlow, a group of lecithin powders developed by Sternchemie GmbH & Co. KG, is intended to be used primarily as an ingredient in baking mixes. Bakers can easily mix the powders with flour, sugar and other powdered ingredients before adding liquids. According to the company, SternFlow also is easier to dose and store than standard lecithin, is more soluble in water and offers users price advantages over spray-dried lecithin and de-oiled pure lecithin.

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Sensient ColorsSensient Colors, LLC

Sensient Colors, LLC introduces AccuPakM, a water-soluble bag that conveniently delivers the proper dose of food color and eliminates dust and cross-contamination issues. The custom pack sizes are pre-weighed to ensure accuracy and provide batch-to-batch color consistency. AccuPak quick-dissolve bags eliminate messy cleanup and are a sustainable solution by reducing packaging waste. The bags can be used in a variety of color applications, including beverage, dairy, baked and processed foods.

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Sensient ColorsRousselot

Rousselet’s Synergy Systems is a range of high-performance, gelatin-based functional solutions suitable for use in a variety of food applications. The range currently comprises Rousselot AcidoGel, a gelling agent that allows for the manufacture of stable acid marshmallows with new flavor possibilities; Rousselot NeutralGel, which texturizes, mimics fat, promotes flavor release and improves stability over time; Rousselot ResistaGel, which ensures continued quality in confectionery used or produced in warm climates; and Rousselot EmulsiGel, a clean-label ingredient that emulsifies and stabilizes in an oil-in-water emulsion.

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Allied Blending & IngredientsAllied Blending & Ingredients

According to Allied Blending & Ingredients, its Flow Lite Anti-Caking System minimizes browning in pizza and baked cheese applications better than other anti-caking systems. The product contains no allergens or taste, produces minimal dusting and provides excellent flowability for maximum production line speeds. Flow Lite is also free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and is all-natural, making it a preferred carrier for antimycotics and oxygen-scavenging systems.

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Nestle  ProfessionalNestlé Professional

Nestlé is celebrating the “90-ish” anniversary of its iconic Butterfinger candy bar this year and reminding food professionals that its ready-to-use Butterfinger candy pieces can be used in numerous ways. For instance, the crushed, crispy candy pieces can be used to top ice cream, add a crunchy peanut butter taste to shakes and decorate cakes as well as baked goods.

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PreGel America


PreGel America

PreGel America’s new Pino Pinguino line comprises toppings and coatings that can be used in frozen desserts, as layers or marbleizing sauces, as layers in verrines and as coatings for cakes and frozen pops. The line consists of Pino Pinguino Original Arabeschi, a combination of creamy chocolate and hazelnut; Pino Pinguino Bianco Arabeschi, velvety white chocolate; Pino Pinguino Nocciolino Arabeschi, a blend of hazelnut flavor and crunchy pieces; Pino Pinguino Nero Arabeschi, smooth dark chocolate; and Pino Pinguino Wafferino Arabeschi, chocolate flavor mixed with wafer pieces.

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