Want a way to mix instant irresistibility into snacks? Go for the satisfying crunch of California Almonds. According to the Almond Board of California, almonds add instant irresistibility to snacks. Their subtle, nutty taste works perfectly with all of consumers’ favorite flavor profiles–from sweet and salty to spicy and exotic. And when compared, gram for gram, almonds are the tree nut highest in both protein and fiber, and people just can’t get enough, the board says.

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Chocolate compounds

Barry Callebaut presents Choc-a-like, an extended range of compounds that allows professional bakers and chocolatiers to go beyond the technical limits of regular chocolate, while retaining an authentic chocolate taste, look and feel. The new compounds offer the crack and shine of regular chocolate in a wide variety of textures for different mouthfeel and taste experiences. They require only basic cooling methods to cool rapidly, according to the company, and have excellent shrinking properties for easy unmolding, as well as a deep gloss. Choc-a-like compounds are available in flavors ranging from caramel to strawberry and in colors ranging from white to dark.

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Ancient grains

Glanbia Nutritionals’ specialty-grain portfolio harnesses the nutritional benefits of naturally gluten-free chia, sorghum, amaranth and quinoa to bring protein and fiber to bar and bakery applications. Available in crunchy popped, puffed, flake and pre-gel varieties, the new grain ingredients optimize texture and enhance flavor and are gluten-free, kosher and nongenetically modified (nonGMO). They also offer an easily digestible source of whole grain, protein, antioxidants and Omega 3s. The portfolio features BevGrad Chia, ChoiceQuinoa Puffed, ChoiceSorghum Popped, ChoiceAmaranth Puffed, ChoiceAmaranth Flakes, SelectQuinoa Pre-Gel and SelectSorghum Pre-Gel.

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Whipped icing

Rich Products Corp. expects to raise the bar on chocolate indulgence with the introduction of Rich’s Chocolate Bettercreme, made with Hershey’s whipped icing. The rich, creamy, whipped icing is made with real Hershey’s cocoa and can be used by in-store bakeries for topping cakes and filling pastries with the genuine Hershey’s milk chocolate taste. According to the company, in-store dessert decorators will appreciate the product’s versatility, and store managers will appreciate the boost this specialty flavor gives to bakery sales.

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Label-friendly ingredient

Watson Inc. adds Mighty Strong to its team of label-friendly ingredients. Mighty Strong allows for a flexible use rate based on the user’s marketing goals. According to the company, a use rate of 1 to 2 oz. replaces azodicarbonimide, while use rates of up to 8 oz. allow users to eliminate all chemical dough conditioners, including sodium stearoyl lactylate ( SSL) and ethoxylated products. The product may also allow a 2-4% gluten reduction in formulas.

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Glycemic impact reduction

Health Solutions Inc. and Horizon Science launched Benecarb Glycemic Balance Complex in North America last month at the IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo. Based on molasses phytonutrients, the ingredient can reduce the glycemic impact of a broad range of everyday foods and beverages, with particular advantages in carbohydrate-rich formulations. High in natural antioxidants, minerals and polyphenols, Benecarb has been clinically shown to reduce the glycemic index (GI) of foods and beverages by up to 20% at addition levels of 4-6% of total carbohydrate content. According to PLT Health Solutions, these low use levels correspond to a low impact on the organoleptic properties of food and beverage formulations and contribute to cost-effectiveness in use. Benecarb is a 100% natural, clean-label, liquid ingredient that can be added to existing formulations using existing processing equipment, with little impact on food and beverage labeling.

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