Flavor enhancer

Kikkoman dehydrated Natural Flavor Enhancer with yeast extract (NFE-PY) from Kikkoman Sales USA Inc. boosts saltiness in baking applications, while reducing sodium by up to 50% and maintaining a clean-label advantage. According to the company, excellent flavor retention during heat processing and freezing make this an ideal sodium reduction solution for applications ranging from bagels, breads and pizza crusts to tortillas, chips and other goods manufactured for baking or deep frying.

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Baked goods improvers

Made from functional proteins derived from milk, Arla Food Ingredients’ Nutrilac Natural Improvers are designed to offer bakers greater productivity, improved efficiency, consistent quality and cleaner labels. Nutrilac IM-5566 provides softness in bread without reducing crumb resilience or elasticity, offers increased strength in cakes for better slicing quality and stabilizes aerated batter systems for high volume and stability. Nutrilac IM-7042 offers improved mixing tolerance, produces a stable batter and superb emulsification properties in a range of wheat-baked goods, including bread. Nutrilac IM-8027 is a high-gelling protein designed to create enhanced structure and strength in baked goods, providing optimum viscosity in most batter systems, greater water retention and excellent emulsification.

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Gluten-free cake bases

Dawn Food Products Inc.’s new certified gluten-free product line features two cake bases, two creme cake bases and a cookie base. The bases, available in white and extra-dark devil’s food flavors, make moist cakes with a tight crumb that cut well and decorate easily. Available in vanilla and chocolate flavors, Dawn Gluten-Free Creme Cake Bases can be used to create muffins, loaf cakes, ring cakes and more. Dawn Gluten-Free Cookie Base creates a variety of gluten-free cookies, such as chocolate chip and peanut butter, and is freeze/thaw stable. All of the bases come in 25-lb. bags and have a 12-month shelf life. The Creme Cake Bases also come in 50-lb. bags.

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Soluble fiber

PenFibe RO, a potato-based, soluble fiber from Penford Food Ingredients, is a nonallergenic, nonGMO product that contains a minimum of 56% dietary fiber. According to the company, food manufacturers can use it to reduce calories in a variety of products by partially replacing higher caloric ingredients, such as flour and sugar. Other functional benefits include a bland taste, cold and freeze/thaw stability, heat and pH stability and ease of use. Recommended applications include baked goods, nutrition and breakfast bars and confectionary.

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Gluten-free baking morsels

Enjoy Life Foods adds Dark Chocolate Baking Morsels to its Allergy Friendly Baking Chocolate Line. Featuring 69% cacao and clean ingredients of unsweetened chocolate and natural cane sugar, it’s the only gluten-free dark chocolate morsel on the market that is also dairy-, nut- and soy-free, according to the company. In addition to being free of gluten and the top eight common food allergens, the morsels are certified kosher, made in a dedicated nut-free facility, verified nonGMO and made with no artificial ingredients.

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Soy-protein nuggets

DuPont Nutrition & Health’s SUPRO Nuggets 138 combines high-quality soy protein and soluble and insoluble fiber in a crunchy, textured format. In addition to giving product developers increased flexibility in formulations, SUPRO Nuggets 138 remains crisp in applications over time, while delivering the taste and eating quality consumers demand. According to DuPont, the soy-protein ingredient is well-suited for use in nutrition bars intended as breakfast alternatives or meal replacements. It also could offer similar benefits in snacks such as clusters and in trail mix, granola-type cereal and baking applications.

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