Company: Bindi

Introduced: October 2019

Distribution: Foodservice

Product Snapshot: Bindi has launched Tortina della Nonna (Grandmother Tartlet), a new menu item to cozy up to this season, which originates from the Bindi family’s native Tuscany region.

Bindi, who is to thank for turning this regional specialty into one of the most popular and treasured desserts throughout Italy, is back to spreading Tuscan indulgence with a mini version of the Tuscan-born Torta della Nonna (Grandmother Cake) to hit the American market.

The company continues to conquer taste buds with this deceptively satisfying treat made of a shortcrust pastry that gives way to lemon-flavored custard filling and almond and pine nut flavors, delicately topped off with powdered sugar.

A dessert that accurately unites the beauty and tastes of Tuscany through simple ingredients and big flavors, best define this iconic Italian region.

These individually-sized thaw and serve tarts allow the entire foodservice community to include a perfectly simple post-meal add on to their menu. Retailers can order the traditional Italian tart 12 servings/ case (Net wt. 2 lbs 3.9 oz - 1.02kg).