Kerry, the Taste and Nutrition Company, has surveyed over 500 Americans who currently consume plant-based meat products and eat out on a regular basis. Kerry studied consumers’ attitudes, at-home and out-of-home behavior, as well as future expectations from plant-based meat.

The full report is available for download HERE.

The plant-based category is evolving as manufacturers and operators respond to growing consumer interest in high quality plant-based foods, innovating with alternative protein sources, additional formats, and adventurous flavors. However, there are still obstacles to overcome within the category. The industry not only has to solve for consumer barriers with taste, texture, availability, etc. but also solve for the innate challenges encountered during formulation.

“As Americans respond to growing physical health concerns, they look for healthy choices that taste good, are easily accessible, and work well within their busy lifestyles,” commented Jenny Palan, strategic market research manager for Kerry North America. “Plant-based meats appeal to consumers beyond vegans and vegetarians, and we are seeing growing interest among non-traditional carnivores. The key to encouraging participation is to take the consumer through the plant-based journey from food to foodservice.”