​​Company: Scanbuy, Inc.


Technology Snapshot: Scanbuy Inc. has announced the expansion of its SmartLabel Platform, which adds Product and Menu pages to its existing on-pack solution set. The feature-rich platform addresses the demands of SmartLabel participants, delivering a comprehensive connection that extends from page and menu creation, data management, package activation, and consumer engagement through to detailed analytics reporting. The menu page offering is the first to enable manufacturers and retailers to engage consumers with broader company messages by connecting on-package activation with the newly approved SmartLabel Intermediate Menu.

Led by the Consumer Brands Association (CBA) and The Food Industry Association (FMI), and adopted by Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC), SmartLabel is a transparency program that helps consumers dig deeper into valuable product details by providing information that extends well beyond the printed label. SmartLabel gives consumers complete access to ingredients, nutritional facts, advisories, declarations, regulatory mandates and so much more. Facts are clearly presented on a product landing page in a consistent format across the entire product portfolio.

Scanbuy's enterprise-class platform was developed with a sharp focus on the challenges facing current SmartLabel members and new companies interested in delivering on their consumer transparency promises and regulatory mandates. With tremendous industry knowledge, best practices experience and a strong technology foundation, Scanbuy is helping companies such as PepsiCo with increased efficiencies and an advanced tool set to excel in a market of evolving consumer and industry demands.

"Based on our legacy of working together, we collaborated with Scanbuy to create the first fully integrated SmartLabel management platform to better address the evolving industry landscape," said John Phillips SVP, customer supply chain & Go-To-Market, PepsiCo, Inc. "By incorporating increased capabilities like the intermediate menu into one platform, we are better equipped to deliver the level of transparency our consumers expect today and into the future."

Key platform features include a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for brands to review, edit, approve and publish SmartLabel-compliant product and menu pages with efficiency. A hierarchy of roles and permissions enables flexibility and applies streamlined business processes. Its extensive ingredient and asset management tools are capable of handling multi-level naming and definition variations at company, brand and product levels. The Scanbuy solution is the first end-to-end SmartLabel set that incorporates a full range of features and benefits into one platform, and it is compliant in both the United States and Canada. Scanbuy's integrated platform capabilities include:

· Cloud-based platform to enhance business efficiency, scalability and continuity

· Dashboard workflow visualization for intuitive workflow and management

· Ingredient dictionary management for uniformity and accuracy

· Multi-review and approval processes to streamline verification workflows

· Page history tracking for reference and traceability of all page touches

· Product attribute creation / ingestion options for complete flexibility

· Product page analytics and reporting for richer quantitative data research

· Menu and QR Code platform integration to streamline operational capabilities

· Multi-country and language ready for diverse, global reach

"We are committed to driving technology advancements, delivering value and relentless customer service, working with long-time partners like PepsiCo," said Maryann Moschides, chief marketing officer and general manager of Scanbuy. "Our new platform ties all the components together for true, end-to-end smart packaging that benefits manufactures, retailers and consumers, and is raising the bar for what SmartLabel should represent."