Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer that strives to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with its products and services, is offering manufacturers access to a new interactive tool, the “Flour Tortilla Doctor,” on the Food Technologies section of the Kemin website for North America. Designed to solve many process and quality issues, including shelf life extension and operational efficiency, the “Flour Tortilla Doctor” ensures tortilla performance and delivery of a product that consumers will enjoy.

“We are excited to offer tortilla manufacturers a new tool that offers a simple and efficient way to problem solve during the manufacturing process,” said Courtney Schwartz, marketing director, Kemin Food Technologies – Americas. “Our new interactive tool, “Flour Tortilla Doctor”, works by walking manufacturers through their application and areas where they may be encountering issues. The “Flour Tortilla Doctor” then diagnoses possible issues and offers solutions—such as Kemin batch packs and premixes—to create an improved tortilla product and get products to market quickly.”

The interactive “Flour Tortilla Doctor” helps manufacturers ensure the safety, freshness and consumer appeal of flour tortilla products.

Kemin offers a complete portfolio of batch pack and premix tortilla solutions, including:

  • TillaPack: batch pack solutions for flour tortillas
  • TillaSoft: dough conditioners and tortilla softeners for flour tortillas
  • TillaZyme: enzyme gum blends for corn tortillas
  • SHIELD: mold inhibitors for corn and flour tortilla

“At Kemin, our experts are here to help manufacturers overcome manufacturing and process challenges they may encounter,” said Schwartz. “From specific ingredient solutions to one of our off-the-shelf packaged solutions designed to support multiple product goals, manufacturers can trust us to protect their brand and keep tortillas fresher and safer for longer.”

From lab bench to store shelf, no one understands shelf-life and operational challenges better than the Kemin team of experts. With quality solutions, an extensive knowledge of oxidation processes and an understanding of food products at the molecular level, Kemin provides customer-partners with testing utilizing its Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) team to discover ideal shelf-life and antimicrobial solutions.

For more information about Kemin’s approach to tortilla formulation, shelf life, and operational challenges, click here.