For Good Granola has received two awards for its granola products during the Specialty Food Association’s sofi Awards, to be presented during the 2023 Summer Fancy Food Show in June. For Good Original Blend has been named the 2023 sofi Gold Product Award Winner in the Cereals & Granola category. Additionally, For Good Granola Chocolate Chile was named the 2023 sofi New Product Award Winner in the Cereals & Granola category.

For Good Granola founder Kiley Fields (who launched the line in 2021) says the dual recognition is great news for the brand as well as an acknowledgement of the company’s mission.

“Creating flavor indulgent granola with nutrient-packed ingredients is our passion, and this award is the topmost recognition of what we set out to create,” she says. “We have seen amazing support and success in the Chicago-area, but capturing the attention outside our home market and being able to share our granola on a bigger stage is amazing.”

The For Good Granola line is formulated with organic buckwheat, which Fields says sets it apart from oat-based granolas.

“As a chef, flavor and texture are a huge priority for me. When slowly toasted buckwheat adds crunch and nuttiness that you just can't achieve with oats,” she comments. “It's a great source of vitamins and minerals, low on the glycemic scale and gluten free. All our granolas are loaded with organic and non-GMO ingredients you'll recognize, are all naturally sweetened and contain no preservatives.”

“Our Original Blend is an overall crowd pleaser with notes of toasted caramel and a subtle salt finish. Beyond buckwheat you'll find puffed amaranth, seeds, unsweetened coconut and tart cherries, and is naturally sweetened with honey,” Fields describes. “Chocolate Chile is a subtle heat. We use guajillo, lending a more smoky spice than heat spice. It is a spice you'll get right at the end of the bite so it doesn't overwhelm the dark chocolate or cherries. In addition to buckwheat, you'll find puffed sorghum, seeds, unsweetened coconut, chocolate pieces, tart cherries, and is naturally sweetened with maple syrup.”

To learn more about For Good Granola, listen to her interview on Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery's Ingrained Insights podcast.

The Specialty Food Association’s (SFA) sofi Awards, taking place annually since 1972, recognize innovation and excellence in the $175 billion specialty food industry. This year’s awards (view the full list here) recognized a Gold Winner and a New Product Winner in each of 53 specialty food and beverage product categories. Products were judged on taste (including flavor, appearance, texture, and aroma) ingredient quality, and innovation. Nearly 2,000 products from domestic and international makers were entered into the 2023 competition.

“The sofi Awards recognize the best, most innovative products in the Specialty Food Industry and the creative, passionate people who make them,” says SFA president Bill Lynch. “Winning a sofi Award can open doors to new markets and expanded business opportunities for the winners, which is central to the SFA’s work on behalf of its member makers and manufacturers.”