To address the growing market need for complete system solutions, Bosch Packaging Technology has launched an online information platform featuring its value enhancing complete system solutions for the confectionery, bakery, nuts, snacks and powder industries. The new microsite,, allows food and non-food producers to find an optimal system solution for their specific application. In addition, the ‘Insights’ section provides expert opinions on the common challenges faced by producers when selecting and running packaging equipment.

“Our goal is to help customers navigate the complex world of packaging solutions”, says Leon van de Wiel, general manager at Bosch Packaging Technology in Weert (Netherlands). “To achieve this, we built upon our decades of experience and developed standardized system solutions to add value to confectionery, bakery, snacks and powder operations. The new microsite allows producers to easily review their options and identify an ideal solution, while also benefiting from a single point of contact during the quotation, planning and installation phases”.

Confectionery and nuts

To address customer demands for enhanced shelf appeal, system versatility or high speed, Bosch now offers three standardized system solutions for nuts and confectionery manufacturers:

  • For producers looking for shelf differentiation, the system solution with Doy Zip and corner seal bag styles in shelf-ready and wrap-around cases offers a unique billboard-like effect, attracting consumers at point-of-sale.
  • For those producers that require maximum flexibility with their bag and case styles, the flexible system solution offers nine bag styles – from pillow to Doy Zip – on a single solution with various case styles to choose from in both lay-flat and stand-up orientation – all of this at speeds of up to 30 cases per minute.
  • If boosting your production, speeds is your primary objective, then the efficient system solution is also able to pack up to 500 pillow bags per minute, which are accurately positioned in up to 25 cases by the system’s vision-guided robot.


Not all powders have the same requirements. While baking powder requires efficient and reliable handling, infant nutrition demands the highest hygiene level available in the packaging world. It’s this knowledge and experience that has led Bosch to create two system solutions to meet different demands within the industry:

  • Bosch’s entry-level system solution allows producers starting out in automation, or those increasing automation, to test new markets quickly and efficiently. Featuring the same technology used on high-end solutions, it offers a high level of efficiency and reliability with production speeds of up to 150 cartons per minute.
  • For producers looking for the optimum hygienic system to meet increasing food safety standards, the hygienic packaging solution features stainless-steel surfaces, no hollow bodies, an open-frame and an easy-to-clean design for powders, such as infant nutrition products among others. The system is capable of packing up to 160 hermetically sealed bags, in up to 160 cartons per minute, in up to 18 cases per minute. Choose between shipping cases with, or without, perforation and a wrap-around case with, or without a hood.


Kliklok-Woodman, acquired by Bosch in 2015, expands the company’s offerings for snacks producers with its cost-effective system solutions.

  • For potato chips producers, Bosch is offering Woodman’s legendary reliability system solution, which is specifically configured for the efficient packing of salted snacks, such as potato chips and tortillas. With integrated product stripping, settling and poking, seal integrity of the pack is guaranteed - even at high speeds of up to 240 bags per minute.
  • For producers of more vulnerable snacks, such as cookies and crackers, Bosch has created its system solution, designed for gentle handling of products – even at high speeds. The system is capable of packing up to 200 bags per minute and 150 cartons.