Change is constant in almost any industry. But a key variable is the pace of that change. And across the baking industry, we are seeing strong catalysts of change driving growth.

The one common factor? They all touch on the idea of “better-for-you,” whether organic, clean-label, gluten-free and/or truly nutritionally improved.

And while some in the industry may rebuff the notion that, for instance, clean-label is truly better-for-you, remember that perception is reality, and the persuasive strength of that reality can drive purchase decisions. The customer is always right—especially if they’re dropping your products into their shopping cart on a regular basis.

Some of these innovative brands have been building momentum for years. One example is the strong leverage Flowers Foods has applied to the Dave’s Killer Bread business it acquired back in 2015. Now organic is hot across bakery, and Flowers has expanded DKB across fresh bread, bagels and English muffins. The bottom line tells no lies.

The Kellogg Co. RXBAR business is a study in straightforward clean-label, simplicity and nutrition—and messaging. Mission Foods has been gaining ground with its Carb Balance tortillas for the past few years—as has Olé Mexican Foods with its successful nutrition-focused Xtreme Wellness brand.

Others are newcomers to the scene. Kodiak Cakes is seeing truly impressive numbers for its Power and Energy Waffles. Siete Family Foods has made waves with its refrigerated gluten-free tortillas, formulated with innovative bases like almond, cassava, chickpea and cashew flour. And who would have predicted that a cauliflower pizza crust would find such a strong level of popularity? CAULIPOWER deserves serious credit for shaking up that category.

This level of creativity should be commended—and serve as inspiration for the future of our great industry.