The American Bakers Association (ABA) is honored to announce that Stephanie Tillman will serve as the new American Bakers Political Action committee (PAC) chair.

“Stephanie’s experience and enthusiasm are critical to help secure the political landscape for the baking sector,” said Robb MacKie, ABA president and CEO. “Especially during this presidential election year, we are fortunate for her strong leadership of American Bakers PAC.

Stephanie Tillman, the incoming American Bakers PAC chair, is chief legal counsel at Flowers Foods. She is responsible for the company’s legal, corporate governance, and governmental affairs. Stephanie follows Steve Avera, retired chief legal counsel at Flowers Foods and American Bakers PAC chair from 2002-2019.

“Working closely with Steve Avera has been one of the highlights and great opportunities of my tenure at the ABA,” said Kelly Knowles, ABA vice president Political and State Affairs. “Steve’s incredible leadership of American Bakers PAC is directly responsible for the great success we have achieved over the last seventeen years as the baking industry has emerged as a leading force in the food industry and business community political arena. While Steve leaves big shoes to fill, I am thrilled to support Stephanie Tillman in her new role.

“I look forward to guiding the efforts of the American Bakers PAC as we continue to align the interests of the baking community with political leadership,” Tillman said. “The work done by Steve Avera and others has given us a solid foundation to build upon.

To learn more about the American Bakers PAC and ABA’s political activities, please contact Kelly Knowles at or 202-789-0300.