The American Bakers Association (ABA) announced the release of a new advanced training course, Bread Manufacturing Course.

The lesson, which is available in English and Spanish, covers the entire bread manufacturing process—from ingredients and dough systems to the production floor. This course is perfect for current or aspiring bread line operators, managers, or supervisors.

The Bread Manufacturing Course focuses on the steps to manufacture pan bread, using a sponge and dough system, the most common dough system for white pan bread. The course comprises scaling ingredients, mixing, and fermentation, covering information common for all dough systems and highlighting differences with other dough systems.

The course then branches into each dough system learning the mixing and fermentation specifics. The dough systems are listed from most to least commonly used for large-scale production. Additional learning objectives include liquid fermentation and continuous mix, which are simplified to illustrate the primary process.
Course Enrollment Information: 

  • Completion Time: Eight hours
  • Enrollment period: Six weeks
  • Resource guide with comprehensive Glossary of Terms printout available
  • Final Test: Students must score 80% GPA to complete the course successfully

ABA Members: $250
Non-Member: $500

ABA Members and baking/supplier facilities can enroll employees within the Portal here. Alternatively, individuals can enroll in educational courses by creating an account.

Learn more about the Bread Manufacturing Course.