Sweet and Healthy eNews

I don’t have a baby, but if I did, I’m pretty sure she would make me feel just as fulfilled on the inside as Sweet and Healthy does.

What’s Sweet and Healthy you ask? Why that’s our amazing, fantastical eNews letter that goes out every single Wednesday afternoon, come rain, sleet, snow, or computer crash.

Crystal Lindell
Crystal Lindell

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Crystal, the word “eNews” is so 1997.” And I have to admit, I agree with you. The thing is, nobody has really come out with a better word for an electronic newsletter since 1997, and so, I think we’re pretty much stuck with it. Sorry.

Anyway, back to the point: Sweet and Healthy is pretty much as awesome as a new-born child.

Every single week it includes a brand-new column written by either our Editor-in-Chief Bernie Pacyniak or myself.

Obviously, if you’re reading this column, you already love me. And, if you haven’t read Bernie’s columns lately, I highly recommend them. His writing style tends to be very “classy, with a hint of whimsy.” Also, he’s way smarter than me.

Sweet and Healthy also includes five staff-written news stories every, single week. Yes, FIVE articles written BY OUR STAFF every, single week. None of this linking to other publication’s articles crap. We write all of our own stuff, so you know it’s fresher than a Peep right off the line.

Is a confectioner in New Mexico selling candy that looks like meth from Breaking Bad? Not only are we on in, we’re totally talking to the owner and running a picture of the blue sugar rock candy. Or maybe Healthy Food Brands just released Candy Crush-themed candy, and because it’s associated with the most popular game in human history, it’s guaranteed to fly off your shelves faster than you can blow up a Candy Bomb on the board! We got it covered like a strawberry drenched in chocolate.

Yep, you heard all those stories in our Sweet and Healthy eNewsletter first!

And just in case columns and news aren’t your thing and all you have time for is tracking down new products to stock your candy store with, then you’re in so much luck right now that I can’t even believe it! Because guess what else we feature every single week in Sweet and Healthy? That’s right. A NEW PRODUCT! What the what? How cool is that?

So ya, you can see how totes amazing Sweet and Healthy is.

But you know what the real super, awesome, totally cool, best part is about our Sweet and Healthy is?

Wait for it.




We just redesigned it!

So now, all that awesome stuff is even prettier and easier to read. Our art director Sarah Zagacki created a beautiful new logo, a lovely color palette, and trendy, square sizes for all the photos and the  ads. While Nick Roskelly, master of the eNews universe, managed to code the whole thing so that it looks great on every single email platform — from Outlook 2001 to Google Future 2046.

So, if you already subscribe but automatically hit delete every time Sweet and Healthy pops up in your inbox, I strongly suggest at least giving it a try and clicking on it next time you see it. Or at least take it out of your “automatically delete” folder.

And, if for some reason, you don’t currently subscribe to the very best confectionery eNews in the industry, then you need to sign up right this very second. All you have to do is visit www.candyindustry.com/enews and mark the box next to "Candy Industry Magazine's Sweet & Healthy."  And, obvioulsy you can subscribe for FREE! As in zero money. Because we love you. How awesome is that deal?

Of course, since we have so many fabulous items in our eNews every single Wednesday, and so many cool people already reading it every week, it would make sense if you’re advertiser to get in on this. Seriously.

You can buy display ads, or even run contextual ads that fit in between our stories. For more information on all that, you can email our Publisher Kris Collins at CollinsK@BNPMedia.com

In conclusion, Sweet and Healthy is cooler than a polar vortex, and all the popular people in the confectionery industry already are reading it and advertising in it. So if you want to be popular and cool, you should read it and advertise it in it too!

Have a Sweet and Healthy day!