Snack food sales jumped 10.5% to $616 million during Super Bowl Week 2022, according to new data from IRI, commissioned by SNAC International (SNAC), the international trade association for the snack industry representing over 400 companies worldwide. The biggest sales increases by category for Super Bowl week are tortilla chips, potato chips, pretzels, cheese snacks, and refrigerated dips.

"The week before the Super Bowl continues to be the 'Black Friday' of the snack industry," says Christine Cochran, president and CEO of SNAC. “In addition to what's happening on the field, party throwers and game watchers prove that your snack game is just as important as the actual football game.”

The snacking stats, provided by IRI, compared 2022 shopping stats from Super Bowl week to the prior week. It shows a significant increase in the following snack categories during Super Bowl Week:

  • Tortilla chips: 22%
  • Potato chips: 10.1%
  • Pretzels: 6.8%
  • Cheese snacks 6.7%
  • Refrigerated dips: 32.6%

The 2022 Super Bowl was the first one since 2010 that saw an increase in viewership, with snack sales seeing a coinciding increase. With social gatherings and parties coming back to their pre-pandemic levels, the snacking industry is set for a major resurgence, especially during Super Bowl week.