Gopuff recently announced a trio of investments into its "Basically" private label brand, expanding its assortment of high-quality, high-value everyday essentials as consumers continue to seek greater value amid rising costs of living. Nearly 20% of all Gopuff orders already contain at least one private label product. Today, Gopuff is further enhancing its offering with the launch of Basically Premium, a new line of thoughtfully formulated products designed specifically for the Gopuff customer; several new products and subcategories under the flagship Basically brand; and a refreshed visual identity for the private label.

With private label sales reaching new records in 2023 and data indicating consumers will continue to purchase private label brands at elevated rates, Gopuff is uniquely positioned to develop successful private label brands by leveraging its direct consumer insights and feedback to drive product development decisions. In fact, the company has seen a 70% year-over-year increase in sales of its private label products. 

“Our private label products have consistently ranked among Gopuff’s most-ordered items since they first launched two years ago,” said Bri Waldoch, director of private label at Gopuff. “So today, we’re excited to bring to life an even wider assortment of high-quality, affordable and delicious products we know our customers will love—each item specifically designed with Gopuff customers’ unique tastes and preferences in mind.”


Basically Premium launch

Gopuff’s new Basically Premium assortment offers customers a wide range of "more-than-extraordinary" products developed with Gopuff customers’ unique tastes front and center. The new product line provides space for Gopuff to expand into new categories and experiences its customers are hungry for, such as:

  • Products made with high-quality ingredients and fewer artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Within the new Basically Premium brand are gluten-free Beef Sticks made with 100% USA Beef and no synthetic nitrates, nitrites, artificial flavors, or preservatives. The new line will also feature Basically Premium Coconut Water and Aluminum-Bottled Spring Water.
  • Premium flavor combinations like Caramel Cheddar and White Cheddar Jalapeño Popcorn. Sea Salt, and Wasabi-flavored Seaweed snacks will also launch later this year. 
  • Trending and buzzworthy items such as Freeze-Dried Candy and Strawberry and Mixed Berry Twists. Plus, Mini Ice Cream Cones popular on TikTok will soon be available under the Basically Premium brand. 

Basically brand refresh

To accommodate a larger assortment of products and new premium offerings, Gopuff has also redesigned the Basically brand logo and packaging. The elevated, modernized visual identity easily flexes into dissonant categories—from baby products to batteries, toilet paper, extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil, to ‘Blazin’ Hot Cheese Balls, premium products, and more—all while maintaining consistency. With the new branding, Basically products are easily recognized across the app, as the company looks to build private label brand awareness and loyalty further. 

As consumer interest in Gopuff private labels continues to grow, the company created Gopuff Exclusives, a one-stop-shop within its app where customers can find all its products and exclusive offerings—from Basically and Goodnow and Gopuff Cookies to the company’s exclusive collaborations with Prime VideoJuvee, and Pure Green

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