Downers Grove, Ill.-based Hearthside Food Solutions has acquired Consolidated Biscuit Co. and the Cereal Division of Golden Temple of Oregon.

The combination of the three businesses has created a company with some $700 million in total revenue, 12 facilities across seven states and long-term relationships with many North American food companies and retailers. Hearthside will offer its customers diverse manufacturing capabilities across a variety of baked foods, including cookies, crackers, granola and cereal bars, snack mixes and cereals.

Hearthside, with a facility in Grand Rapids, Mich., also produces croutons, cereals, popcorn and snack mixes. Consolidated Biscuit, based in McComb, Ohio, makes a wide variety of cookies, crackers, toaster pastries, fruit and cereal bars, ice cream cones, nuts and candies. Golden Temple’s Cereal Division, based in Eugene, Ore., is a leading manufacturer and marketer of all-natural ready-to-eat cereals, bulk granola and granola snacks.

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