Dough conditioner

Im-Prove 200 No ADA from Corbion Caravan allows dough to develop faster without azodicarbonamide (ADA) and increases dough strength. The product also shortens fermentation and mixing times, lowers friction and allows for better temperature control. As a result, producers can optimize dough production and reduce variability from batch to batch. Im-Prove 200 No ADA works well in a variety of applications, including pan breads, artisan breads, and Hispanic buns and rolls.

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Savory flavors

The combination of shifting cultural demographics, due to rapid Hispanic and Asian population growth in the U.S., and younger consumers’ desire for flavorful foods has led to increased interest in savory ingredients, including herbs and spices, according to
Comax Flavors. In response to these changing tastes, the company has crafted the Flavor Surge collection, using savory flavor combos with a multicultural twist. Available in Cardamom Pear Berry, Chili Ginger Lime, Cilantro Lime, Ginger Sesame Caramel and Smoked Paprika, the distinct and adaptable flavors can be used in an array of formulations, including snacks. 

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Low-moisture banana

Low-moisture banana from Van Drunen Farms (VDF) gets its extra-sweet taste from a sugar-infusing process that replaces the water in the raw material with sugar, resulting in a moist, shelf-stable ingredient. Available in diced pieces, low-moisture banana can be used in a variety of applications, including granola and breakfast bars, snack mixes, bread or muffin mixes and trendy desserts (mini bundt cakes, pudding and baklava, for example). It also pairs well with chocolate, caramel, nuts, honey and other dried and sweetened fruits.

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Dehydrated fruit

Seawind Foods provides and distributes all-natural, dehydrated fruits, vegetables and spices to industrial food processors, retailers and national consumer brands. Ten varieties of fruit are available in spears, rings, chunks and dices. Thirty varieties of dehydrated vegetables are available in dices, granules, flakes, powders and custom blends. Seawind also offers a range of spice and herb varieties, including dried chili peppers, cinnamon and custom blends. The company uses no sulfur dioxide in its dehydration process and its products contain no genetically modified organisms (GMO), are certified kosher and meet all standards for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP). In addition, every product comes with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from a trusted third-party laboratory to verify its quality.

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Baking flours

Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods adds two products to its baking flour line. Artisan Bread Flour is a high-protein flour, milled from the highest quality wheat and is unbleached, unbromated, enriched and malted. It’s suitable for baguettes, pizza crusts, dinner rolls, sandwich loaves, pretzels, bagels and more. No chemical bleaching or added corn starch make Super-Fine Cake Flour the purest, low-protein, super-fine cake flour available, says the company. Milled from the highest quality wheat, it is suitable for delicate baked goods, such as cakes, cupcakes, pancakes and flaky pie crusts. Artisan Bread Flour and Super-Fine Cake Flour are available in 5- and 3-lb. bags, respectively, and in 25-lb. bags.

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Gelnex Gelatins introduced Peptinex Collagen Peptides at the recent IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo in New Orleans. The high-quality collagen is 100%-traceable to its raw material origins, according to the company, and is produced with extensive attention to environmental and social responsibility. A natural for use in functional foods and supplements designed to improve skin, joint, gum, heart and bone health, Peptinex is a stable, easy-to-use white powder with minimal taste. Typical applications are protein bars, and dry mix and RTD beverages and shakes.

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