soy sauceGluten-free soy sauce

Gluten-Free Tamari Soy Sauce from Kikkoman Sales USA Inc. adds flavor without adding gluten because it contains no wheat. It’s available in both a liquid and dehydrated form. The latter provides recognizable particulate appeal in topical applications like seasoning mixes for snacks and baked goods; the liquid instantly disperses in a liquid matrix.

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corbionDough improver

An all-natural dough improver for yeast-leavened dough formulas, Corbion Caravan’s GEM 100 lets bakers reduce their use of vital wheat gluten more than 50 percent in standard formulas for traditional bakery products, such as white bread, buns and bagels. It also reduces the use of vital wheat gluten 25-50 percent in 100 percent whole-wheat, high-fiber and variety bread. According to the company, GEM 100 is suitable for producing a variety of products, from basic hamburger buns to artisan breads made with whole grains, fiber, fruits, seeds and nuts. In addition to reducing gluten, it also cuts bakers’ ingredient costs.

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admCocoa powder

ADM has introduced its most-recent addition to its deZaan range: D11LA, a fat-reduced cocoa powder that combines with caramelized milk to provide a rich, creamy British milk chocolate taste. According to ADM, it allows food producers to capture the signature British flavor in compound coating formulations, including chocolate bars, biscuits, wafers and baked goods. A light brown color adds to its versatility.

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puratosPresoaked grains and seeds blend

Puratos’ Sapore Softgrain Amber Grain CL is a clean-label, presoaked blend of grains and seeds infused with a mild fermentation flavour, along with molasses and brown sugar, adding a touch of sweetness to multigrain bread. Available in 38-pound pails, the ready-to-use grains can be applied to a variety of applications and in different dosages.

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bellPepper flavors

Bell Flavors & Fragrances’ new line of sweet to fiery hot pepper flavors from around the world can be used to spice up any taste profile. Flavors range from Peru’s aji panca, which has the lowest level of heat on the Scoville Scale, to Mexico’s well-known jalapeño, chipotle and serrano peppers to India’s bhut jolokia (ghost pepper), the hottest pepper listed. Most of the flavors are available in oil-soluble and water-soluble version, with most being with other natural flavors (WONF) or natural flavors.

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allmaMicroalgae pieces

Allma launches Chlorella Crunches, a new concept that combines sun-grown Chlorella vulgaris powder and white rice powder sourced from Europe to create a natural and nutritious crispy snack and ingredient solution. Chlorella Crunches are available in a range of sizes, shapes and flavors, and with varying concentrations of C. vulgaris. Free of GMOs, gluten and other major allergens, they can be seasoned and eaten alone as a snack, incorporated into salty snack mixes or used as an inclusion in a wide range of products, including snack bars.

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