Eat the Change, the planet-friendly snack company founded by social entrepreneur Seth Goldman and celebrity Chef Spike Mendelsohn, has launched Organic Carrot Chews, an extension of its carrot line creations designed for all ages.

In March of 2022, Eat the Change introduced Cosmic Carrot Chews, the first-to-market vegetable snack for kids. Now Eat the Change has innovated the vegetable-snack once again to launch Organic Carrot Chews for ages 12+ in three new varieties: Meyer Lemon, Ginger Turmeric, and Maple Cardamom.

“Following the successful launch of Cosmic Carrot Chews, our new lunchbox treat for kids, we saw an opportunity to create a snack that appeals to adults of all ages,” said Seth Goldman. “Consumers are looking for convenient and delicious ways to incorporate more vegetables into their diets. Our Organic Carrot Chews are a great option to pack and enjoy at work, while traveling or really any time you want a tasty, nutrient-dense snack.”   

A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control found that only 10 percent of American adults eat enough vegetables.

Made with just four simple ingredients, primarily organic carrots, and organic fruit juice, Organic Carrot Chews are nutrient-dense and provide an excellent source of Vitamin A. Each 4.23-oz., multi-serve pouch contains 2g of fiber and only 130 calories per serving. They are also vegan, certified USDA organic, OU Kosher, and paleo-friendly. 

“We’ve heard from a number of parents who have introduced Cosmic Carrot Chews to their kids, and the feedback is in: they want a snack of their own,” said Chef Spike Mendelsohn. “Organic Carrot Chews are the grown-up version of Cosmic Carrot Chews, but with flavor combinations that appeal to all ages.” 

Flavors include:

  • Meyer Lemon -The perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, sure to be a favorite for citrus lovers
  • Ginger Turmeric - Bright and clean ginger with earthy notes of turmeric, these on trend functional ingredients are a delicious pairing
  • Maple Cardamom - Rich, warm notes of cardamom complement the caramel-like sweetness of the maple flavor

The carrots are gently cooked, infused with organic fruit juice and natural flavors, and then dehydrated to create a chewy texture. Naturally sweet with an abundance of Vitamin A, the dehydration process makes the carrots even more nutrient dense in comparison to their natural, raw state. Carrots are also sustainably produced, as they are a very water-efficient crop. For example, carrots require only 23 gallons to produce one pound versus soybeans which require 257 gallons. 

Eat the Change products do not contain any of the “top eight” allergens as an ingredient, including: milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, or soy. The SRP is $6.49-$6.99 per package and the product is available online nationwide at

For more information about Eat the Change, visit or email