T. Hasegawa USA has announced the publication of its free downloadable 2023 Food and Beverage Flavor Report. This annual report combines leading industry research findings with the latest data from T. Hasegawa's product development and marketing teams to analyze what consumers are currently looking for in food and beverage categories and predict upcoming trends through 2023.

T. Hasegawa has developed custom flavors for food and beverage brands for more than a century. Globally recognized for its innovation and expertise in flavor development and proprietary flavor-enhancing technologies, T. Hasegawa remains on top of consumer trends and shares these developments and research findings throughout the food and beverage industry.

"T. Hasegawa's R&D team is uniquely positioned to predict consumer flavor trends since we work with many of the world's top food and beverage brands," says Doug Resh, director of commercial marketing, "Consumer tastes and behaviors are constantly changing, so it's important for us to stay ahead of trends with this annual report. By leveraging the latest trend insights, we're able to use flavor technology to deliver more of what consumers are looking for this year."

Among the trends relevant to the snack and bakery field:

  • Consumers are seeking out new eating experiences across the board, while also trying to deal with a steady increase in food prices.
  • Rising demand for plant-based products with fewer, simpler ingredients is driving clean label claims in such items.
  • Flavors consumers are interested in when choosing desserts and confections include tamarind, red bean, dragonfruit, and yuzu.
  • Similarly, snack shoppers are interested in a blend of sweet and savory flavors like acai, matcha, taco, sour cherry, caramelized onion, and pomegranate.
  • When selecting from available snack options, flavor is the most vital attribute.