May 2005

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Dollars and $ense
Retail Close-up:
Movie Gallery's 20th Anniversary

Special Report
- Movie Gallery Plays On For Two Decades
With a company tagline of "Play On," Dothan, Ala.-based Movie Gallery is indeed playing strong in the video rental business with quite a lot to celebrate in its 20th anniversary year.
- Reeling Through The Times

In the Store
- Sweet Value At Dollar General
This fast-growing chain of nearly 7,500 stores is where many of the nation’s low-income consumers—and other smart shoppers—go to find a deal on candy.

Trade Show Preview
- Candy Time Arrives In Chicago June 14-16
The annual candy extravaganza will be big and buyer-friendly with more varied offerings than ever.

- Political Correctness Can Be Deadly For New Products

- Cadbury Adams Joins Effort To Protect Health Of Kids Without Access To Dental Care
- Study Finds Higher Cocoa Content Equals More Antioxidants

Product Update
- MMM Mallows! Mallow Scoops, New Valentine’s Day Line and more...

Licensed Candy Preview
- Batman Begins

Marketing and Merchandising
- Pop Stars Make Sweet Music For Cadbury Adams Promotion

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