Slim Mints Concept Extended

Lifemax LLC
(330) 963-0055
Lifemax has added a cinnamon variety to its line of Slim Mints, which, until now, had been available exclusively in a peppermint flavor. Slim Mints—which are formulated to deliver the dual benefit of breath freshening and weight loss—are packaged in a tin and carry the suggested retail price of $1.99.
In addition to being sweetened with Splenda, Slim Mints contain two weight loss ingredients—Chromium Polynicolinate, which is said to reduce the appetite while decreasing sugar cravings, and L-Carnitine, which is associated with improving the rate of fat metabolism.
Lifemax is working hard to expand the distribution base for SlimMints and is supporting the effort through a combination of advertising, promotion and sampling events.
Candy That Kids Around
Kandy Kastle
(858) 569-4101
Kandy Kastle makes light of bodily functions with its new Big Burp and Big Barf novelty candies.
The concept is amusingly straightforward. With both versions, simply pushing on a big mouth results in either a big barfing sound or a big burping sound being emitted while dextrose candy is dispensed from the mouth.
An electronic chip is embedded in the novelty candy to produce the amusing sounds. The unique display box also includes a sound chip so that kids may push the button on the box to demonstrate an authentic barfing or burping sound.
Big Barf and Big Burp come 10 to a box, eight to a carton. The suggested retail price is 99 cents to $1.19.
Finger Lites
Malibu Toys
(818) 772-7888
Finger Lites Light-Up Candy Rings from Malibu Toys light up when licked. They are available in an assortment of flavors and designs.
The rings come in a 36-count display box with a continuously flashing light on the front to attract the shoppers’ eye in the store.
Malibu also markets Flashin’ Lix interactive hard candy and jelly light-up lollipops in regular and seasonal varieties for holidays including Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter.
ISM Exposure
Confectioner will offer companies seeking to gain some additional global exposure the chance to get it at the coming International Sweets and Biscuits Fair (ISM).
The companies whose products are featured on this page are among those that will be showcasing candy offerings in Confectioner’s booth at ISM Jan. 30 – Feb. 2, 2005 in Cologne, Germany.