The Gericke GS Centrifugal Sifter from process equipment manufacturer Gericke USA automatically separates and conditions agglomerated powders, granules, and other dry materials into fine powders ready for transfer to the filling and packaging lines. The sifter is suitable for seasonings, dehydrated foods, and other consumer products, as well as for bulk materials such as pool chemicals, sand, and grain.

Installed upstream of weigh filling, stick packaging, form-fill-seal, pouch packaging, bagging, and other machinery, the Gericke sifter ensures the product stream meets the required specifications with a constant bulk density and a consistent, narrow particle size distribution. Any oversized particles are automatically separated and returned upstream for further reprocessing or collected at discharge.

The powder sifter features a proprietary rotating paddle assembly that directs fine particles through a mesh screen and diverts oversized particles at 99.9 percent efficiency. Offered in a choice of screen sizes and materials, the sifter yields consistent particle sizes from 40 µm to 5 mm as targeted at up to 120 tons/hour.

The size reduction equipment is custom-engineered to suit each installation with both sanitary and ATEX-certified models available as options. The sifter may be tested in the company's New Jersey test laboratory.