In today’s high-speed bakery, product and materials are constantly being moved in and out of production. Find out how Weldon Solutions is helping the cause.


In today’s high-speed bakery, product and materials are constantly being moved in and out of production. Pans with product may be loaded into and unloaded from racks for proofing. Lids and pans must be stacked and unstacked for storage when not in use. Finished goods may be placed into baskets or trays and then stacked or loaded into shipping racks. Cased product is typically palletized. All of these processes are highly repetitive, and often require handling a heavy payload in an awkward position.

    Robots are ideal for such tasks, eliminating inefficient and tedious labor and expensive custom-built machinery, notes Charles Gales, manager of automation sales for Weldon Solutions, York, Pa.

    “We are an authorized system integrator for FANUC Robotics, North America’s leading supplier of robots,” Gales says. “When you combine FANUC’s robotic technology with our industry experience, system engineering and end-of-arm tooling, bakeries reap the rewards in reduced labor costs, faster changeover time and increased real-time quality control.”

    For instance, custom-designed grippers, machine vision systems and smooth motion control allow Weldon robotic systems to gently package product in a highly efficient manner.

    In addition, Weldon’s PanTender and LidTender take advantage of precise, high-speed robotic placement to drastically reduce the number of jams and harsh treatment of pans and lids normally found with conventional stacking equipment. Pans also can be turned upside down and stacked in their most sanitary and stable orientation.

    The partnership that Weldon forms with its customers is the cornerstone of a successful automated manufacturing solution, Gales says.

    “We combine your process expertise with our engineering and integration experience to develop innovative and user-friendly systems that will help you outperform your competition every time.”

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