Read about the latest in automation and technology for the snack and baking industries.

The solids/liquid injection manifold (SLIM) from Charles Ross is a high-shear mixer designed to prevent the formation of agglomerates and “fish eyes” in thickened solutions. It utilizes a specially engineered rotor/stator assembly that generates a powerful vacuum for drawing solids into the mix chamber. The liquid stream enters the mixer and immediately encounters the powder addition under intense shear conditions. The resulting dispersion is expelled centrifugally through the stator openings at high velocity.
Charles Ross & Son Co.
Hauppauge, N.Y.

The eDrive power transmission line from Dorner Manufacturing offers a 25% reduction in heat, a 30% reduction in weight and a 15% smaller footprint than conventional gear motors, says the company. The technology starts inside its die-cast aluminum housings, with a four-bearing, 90-degree gearhead, low inertia rotors and fan-cooled motors that virtually eliminate leakage.
Dorner Manufacturing Corp.
Hartland, Wis.

Videojet’s continuous ink-jet printer uses high-contrast, pigmented inks to create bright, clean codes on surfaces for colored glass, rubber tubing, plastic cabling and dark paperboard. The Videojet 1710 printer can apply up to five lines of high-resolution print at speeds up to 888 ft. per minute. It can also print a variety of fonts in multiple languages, as well as linear bar codes, 2D data matrix codes, custom logos and graphics.
Videojet Technologies, Inc.
Wood Dale, Ill.

American Fabric Filter manufactures catch cloths of 18-gauge vinyl for use under conveyors in bakeries and in food processing facilities. Catch cloths prevent errant product from dropping onto other lines or being transferred throughout the plant. They also facilitate plant cleanup by confining spillage in one area. American Fabric Filter Co.
Wesley Chapel, Fla.

The VS Series shrink wrapper from Douglas Machine offers a compact, economical shrink-wrap system designed to interface with existing tray packers at speeds up to 40 trays per minute. Using single film-roll technology, the system eliminates costly maintenance problems associated with conventional cutting and sealing technologies. An optional print-registered film control gives the ability to enhance package appearance on the store shelf.
Douglas Machine, Inc.
Alexandria, Minn.

Ensinger’sTECAFORMFG Blue is designed to make food equipment components more visible. Blue is the only color that does not occur naturally in the food chain, therefore, should components break or wear during production, small pieces will more likely be picked up by the optical inspection systems. Manufactured from resin that is FDA-, USDA- and 3A Dairy-compliant,TECAFORMFG Blue is resistant to hot water and typical cleaning chemicals and possesses good bearing and wear properties.
Ensinger Inc.
Washington, Pa.

Spraying Systems’TankJetB and BX injectors efficiently transform steam and cold water into high-pressure, high-temperature liquid feeds for tank cleaning machines and custom-designed nozzle manifolds. The injectors are non-intrusive and can eliminate the need for expensive pumps and heat exchangers, the company says.TankJet B and BX can be used for liquid discharge capacities up to 129 and 416 liters per minute, respectively.
Spraying Systems Co.
Wheaton, Ill.

Hinds-Bock provides standalone and full topping systems, designed to apply cream toppings to desserts, cakes or pies in the form of rosettes or twisted stars as well as the spreading of icings or frostings onto a wide variety of sweet goods. The servo-controlled depositors are suitable for spreading or layering batters or toppings into various size sheet pans.
Hinds-Bock Corp.
Bothell, Wash.

Banner Engineering introduces SureCross MultiHop radios that connect to existing plant-wide control systems to communicate with input and output devices. The radios automatically form self-healing, auto-routing radio networks with multiple hops to extend the range of a Modbus or other serial communication network. They also transmit at 1 watt with license-free operation in the Industrial Scientific and Medical band. No monthly data plan or annual fees are required.
Banner Engineering Corp.
Minneapolis, Minn.

GWT grid-top, vibratory weigh scale packers from Cleveland Vibrator provide a solution for filling, weighing, compacting and conveying containers of bulk solids with capacities as high as 4,000 lb. GWT packers conveniently mount below conveyor rollers, allowing bags, drums, trays and other containers to easily be transported directly onto its grid top deck. The GWT packer lifts the container to the appropriate height and runs the selected vibration cycle time for fast, effective compaction of material as it is being filled, all while weighing the container throughout the entire process.
Cleveland Conveyor Co.
Cleveland, Ohio

Sifter Parts & Service introduces the all-metal, stacked-deck Model CS-1 gyratory sifter. Formerly known under theAllis Chalmers, Ferrell RossandBlountnames, this BISSC-certified sifter provides two to four separations of any dry, free-flowing product from 1/4 in. to 400 mesh. The CS-1 can also screen up to 50,000 lb. per hour while its passive, gentle gyratory motion keeps the product in constant contact with the screen for maximum capacity.
Sifter Parts & Service, Inc.
Wesley Chapel, Fla.

Lantech introduces the EZ Weigh integrated scale option for Q-Series stretch wrappers. This patent-pending innovation uses loadcell technology to combine pallet load weighing and stretch wrapping into a convenient, one-step process. The EZ Weigh’s unique design separates the weigh system from the stretch wrapper’s frame, ensuring only objects placed on the wrapper’s turntable are weighed.
Louisville, Ky.

Anritsu develops the KD7400 line of x-ray inspection systems. The Dual X technology minimizes product effect, provides a more exacting means of detecting low-density items and differentiates between product and contaminant by analyzing two separate x-ray energy signals. It can also detect glass and stone in bulk nuts/grains and for items 50 mm or less in granola bars.
Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA Inc.
Elk Grove Village, Ill.

Dynamic Conveyor unveils the DynaClean conveyor line, which is composed of easy-to-clean and flexible systems. Offering a conveying solution that is both sustainable and environmentally friendly, the conveyor layout and configuration can be changed when food processing or packaging needs change. This line can be designed, configured and reconfigured to include horizontal and multiple options such as 30-, 45- and 90-degree angles, and is built to meet NSF, FDA, USDA and BISCC standards.
Dynamic Conveyor Corp.
Muskegon, Mich.

Flexicon’s bulk-bag discharging system with integral pneumatic conveying system transfers material from bulk bags to silos and other storage vessels. This positive pressure pneumatic system is designed to fill bulk storage facilities on islands or other locations unable to receive large volumes of bulk material by rail or bulk truck. The discharger portion of the skid-mounted system includes a cantilevered I-beam with electric hoist and trolley to lift and position bulk bags without the use of a forklift. A Spout-Lock clamp ring forms a high-integrity seal between the clean side of the bag spout and the clean side of the equipment, while a Tele-Tube telescoping tube maintains constant downward pressure on the clamp ring and bag spout, elongating the bag as it empties.
Flexicon Corp.
Bethlehem, Pa.

The Alice Compact from Aasted is a cost-effective bakery extruder that makes products requiring Z- and X-axis motions only, such as cookies and biscuits, with or without inclusions. It contains a row of accessories, such as tailor-made nozzle plates and nozzles, traditional wire cutters, TwinKnife tools, Guillotine cutters, UltraSonic knifes and closures with “Iris”-functionality for closed products.
Aasted ApS
Farem, Denmark
+45 4434 8000

*Photo courtesy of Charles Ross & Son Co.