Turn Creations Into bar Sensations With Sensoryeffects for Low-carb, High-protein Nutrition Bars From Loders Croklaan. Sensoryeffects are Lipid-based Inclusions and Bits Created to Impart Sensory Experiences Into Baked Goods — Flavor, Aroma, Color and Texture all in one Piece. Choose From a Selection of Quick and Easy Off-the-shelf Low-carb Products, or Enjoy Unlimited Customization. Whether It’s Sweet, Spicy, Subtle or Bold, Sensoryeffects has an Inclusion to Enhance the Experience With Varied Flavors.
1-800-621-4710. www.SensoryEffects.com

SK Food International, Inc. is a domestic bulk ingredient supplier and import/export trading company. The company supplies a full line of certified-organic and conventional non-GMO food and feed ingredients, including beans, grains, seeds, oils, meals and flours. SK Food also carries amaranth, quinoa, flax and a wide variety of certified-organic oils. In addition, all SK Food ingredients are identity-preserved.
1-701-356-4106. www.skfood.com

Edlong Dairy Flavors announces the release of five new flavors that mimic popular authentic Mexican cheeses. These natural and artificial powder flavor varieties are Chihuahua, Manchego, Oaxaca, Panela and Queso Blanco. The concentrated, water dispersible and Kosher-dairy certified flavors work in sauces, dips, topical applications and more. When sampling, ask for Chihuahua #1426, Manchego #1438, Oaxaca #1434, Panela #1436 or Queso Blanco #1424. Suggested usage levels range from 0.10% to 1.00%.
1-888-698-2783. www.edlong.com

Cheese Crumbettes are new from Commercial Creamery. The shelf-stable cheese pieces have the appearance of cheese crumbs and contain the flavor and aroma of toasted cheese. The ingedient can withstand high baking temperatures and is available as Kosher and non-Kosher. It is ideal for baked goods and snacks, and is also available in a Parmesan cheese variety.
1-800-541-0850. www.cheesepowder.com

The American Egg Board presents its EggSolutions booklet — A Complete Reference for Egg Products. The booklet covers topics like processed egg products, ask the doctor (FAQ), processing handling and storage, advantages of egg products, product equivalency and more. Overall, the egg category has grown substantially and per capita consumption of eggs has reached its highest point in 20 years. The booklet gives consumers working knowledge of the different types of egg products available. Find money-saving tips, ideas for storage space and preparation time inside.
1-877-488-6143. www.aeb.org