Exhibitor Profiles

Here’s what some exhibitors will be displaying at SNAXPO 2008, which runs March 1-4 in San Antonio, Texas.
A.C. Horn & Co.
Booth No.: 541
Products to be Exhibited at SNAXPO: Collator packerstand and puffer.
Contact Name: Danny Ahrens
Contact Phone: 1-214-635-1145
Contact E-mail Address: dahrens@ACHornCo.com
Web Site: www.ACHornCo.com
Bush Truck Leasing
Booth No.: 316
Products to be Exhibited at SNAXPO: Truck leasing services.
Contact Name: Stephen Mullin
Contact Phone: 1-513-600-4650
Contact E-mail Address: stephen.mullin@BushTrucks.com
Web Site: www.BushTruckLeasing.com
Commercial Creamery
Booth No.: 448 
Products to be Exhibited at SNAXPO: Snack seasonings, cheese powders.
Contact Name: Megan Boell
Contact Phone: 1-800-541-0850
Contact E-mail Address: megan@CheesePowder.com
Web Site: www.CheesePowder.com
Heat and Control, Inc.
Booth No.: 203
Products to be Exhibited at SNAXPO: Complete machinery systems and technical support for snack and bakery products processing, seasoning, inspection, conveying, weighing and packaging. Featured in operation: Ishida weigher/bagmaker systems, Ishida strip pack applicator, Ishida checkweighers, CEIA metal detectors and the Koex collet snack extruder.
Contact Name: Bill Learned
Contact Phone: 1-510-259-0500
Contact E-mail Address: bill@HeatandControl.com
Web Site: www.HeatAndControl.com
Booth No.: 480
Products to be Exhibited at SNAXPO: From soy to multigrain, potato, corn and rice, Leng-D’or Snack Foods has a 40-year tradition as the world’s premier “innovator” in snack pellet technology, offering a wide variety of shapes, textures, grain bases and combinations to deliver a healthy, all-natural snack product.
Contact Name: Abel Lopes-Portillo
Contact Phone: 1-972-974-2255
Contact E-mail Address: alopez-portillo@lengdor.com
Web Site: www.LengDor.com
Meyer Industries
Booth No.: 119
Products to be Exhibited at SNAXPO: Bucket elevator, vibratory conveyor, scale feed conveyor, belt conveyor.
Contact Name: Adrine Hudson
Contact Phone: 1-210-736-1811
Contact E-mail Address: sales@Meyer-Industries.com
Web Site: www.Meyer-Industries.com
Minsa Corp.
Booth No.: 253
Products to be Exhibited at SNAXPO: Corn flour.
Contact Name: Tony Scolley
Contact Phone: 1-800-852-8291
Contact E-mail Address: tony.scolley@Minsa.com.mx
Web Site: www.Minsa.com
Rudolph Foods Co., Inc.
Booth No.: 349
Products to be Exhibited at SNAXPO: Pork rinds.
Contact Name: Mark Singleton
Contact Phone: 1-800-241-7675
Contact E-mail Address: msingleton@RudolphFoods.com
Web Site: www.RudolphFoods.com
Spray Dynamics
Booth No.: 221
Products to be Exhibited at SNAXPO:  Seasoning systems.
Contact Name: Stephanie Butenhoff 
Contact Phone: 1-800-541-0850
Contact E-mail Address: marketing@SprayDynamics.com
Web Site: www.SprayDynamics.com
Urschel Laboratories, Inc.
Booth No.: 466
Products to be Exhibited at SNAXPO: The latest in size reduction will be on display at Urschel’s booth, including plantain and cassava slices, sesame seed reductions for coatings, tortilla rework and popular meat snacks. The new M6 Dicer also will be featured. The M6 produces strips and dices for applications such as port rinds, brownie bits, beef jerky and pita chips.
Contact Name: Tim O’Brien
Contact Phone: 1-219-464-4811
Contact E-mail Address: info@Urschel.com
Web Site: www.Urschel.com
Wire Belt Co. of America
Booth No.: 373
Products to be Exhibited at SNAXPO: New USDA-Accepted CompactGrid conveyor belt, designed to replace hard-to-clean plastic modular belts. CarrySmart custom conveyors, including Flex-Turn, Straight, Shuttle and Spreading/Converging conveyors.
Contact Name: Jamie Adams
Contact Phone: 1-603-518-2324
Contact E-mail Address: jadams@WireBelt.com
Web Site: www.WireBelt.com
Editor’s Note: For more information about these companies, check out our online Buyer’s Guide at www.SnackAndBakery.com . In addition, look for an exciting new section in our magazine called “Snack Food Today,” which is dedicated to producers of all types of snacks and other convenience foods. “Snack Food Today” will make its debut in the April issue of Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery.