Cargill Inc. has signed a formal partnership agreement to support Mondelez International’s Cocoa Life program, which strengthens both companies’ commitment to improving the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and to investing in a sustainable future for cocoa.

Mondelez International’s Cocoa Life program shares several similarities with Cargill’s own Cocoa Promise program, as each initiative is focused on developing a cocoa supply chain that enables farmers to achieve better living standards and on delivering a sustainable supply of cocoa and chocolate products. Under this agreement, Cargill Cocoa Promise activities, which include farmer training, community support and farm development, will support Mondelez International’s goal to reach more than 200,000 farmers in cocoa growing regions and to ultimately source 100 percent of its cocoa from sustainable sources.

“Improving the livelihoods of farmers and the living standards of cocoa growing communities is critical to securing a sustainable future for cocoa,” says Taco Terheijden, director sustainable cocoa, Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate. “Partnering with customers like Mondelez International ensures benefits flow to farmers and helps to accelerate progress towards a sustainable supply chain, a goal commonly shared by the industry and supported by the World Cocoa Foundation’s CocoaAction strategy.”

Initially the partnership is focusing on activities to support cocoa farmers and communities in West Africa to deliver sustainable cocoa to Mondelez International, with plans to expand to Indonesia already explored.

“We are pleased to welcome Cargill as a partner in Cocoa Life,” says Cathy Pieters, Mondelez International’s Cocoa Life program director. “A sustainable cocoa supply begins with thriving farming communities, and more efficient farming leads to more empowered farmers making higher incomes. Cargill’s on-the-ground network is a key asset, and they are committed as we are to measuring the real results of their initiatives. Together we can generate a significant impact in these communities and across the industry as a whole.”