Company: Eagle Product Inspection, Tampa, FL


Equipment Snapshot: The Eagle Bulk 415 PRO x-ray inspection system features a cupped conveyor and four-lane flap rejecter, making it suitable for production lines processing nuts, grains, granola, sugar and other high-volume bulk products, says Eagle Product Inspection. The conveyor’s raised edges promote a more uniform product depth across the belt, as well as reduce waste by preventing product from spilling onto the floor. This, combined with Eagle’s Material Discrimination X-ray (MDX) technology, optimizes the detection of contaminants—from glass, metal and some plastics to mineral stones and rocks. The four-lane flap rejection mechanism, each covering one-quarter of the belt, helps ensure contamination is removed from the production process, while keeping the ejection of good product to a minimum. Other features include a conveyor belt that can be removed and dismantled without tools, a hinged louver covering on the conveyor assembly that facilitates access for maintenance, and a belt tensioning lever system that allows for easy belt removal and tensioning.