Company: Orbis Corp., Oconomowoc, WI


Packaging Snapshot: PlastiCorr is the first-ever plastic, reusable corrugated box that works seamlessly with existing automated packaging lines, says Orbis Corp. The box features patented Enfold technology, a joint design that ensures that its flaps return to a straight position after every use, making it a fully functioning, drop-in replacement for fiber corrugated boxes used by today's food, beverage and consumer packed goods companies. PlastiCorr also provides seamless conversion from current boxes with no change to pack count or pallet configurations. Dimensionally and structurally consistent for today’s packaging lines, it can be used in all types of low-, medium- and high-speed lines, from manual to full high-speed automation. In addition, the box’s all-plastic, nonporous design is dust-free; has smooth, sealed edges; is easy-to-clean; won’t absorb moisture or odors; and is 100 percent recyclable at the end of its lengthy service life, according to Orbis.